Meet Mark Smith (Barrister-At-Law) at the Baker Street Property Meet Wednesday 26th

Meet Mark Smith (Barrister-At-Law) at the Baker Street Property Meet Wednesday 26th

10:56 AM, 24th October 2022, About A year ago

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Hon. Legal Counsel for Property118, Mark Smith, Head of Chambers at Cotswold Barristers, will be presenting in person an overview of several landlord tax strategies at the Baker Street Property Meet this Wednesday.

Join us to discuss how to prepare for the opportunity in this changing market. Mark Smith is the UK’s leading expert on tax planning and tax mitigation strategies for property investors.

Mark along with event hosts Ranjan Bhattacharya and Andrew Roberts will help you brace for the impact of the recession which lies ahead and prepare for opportunities to come. We have a capacity for 300 property investors and places are filling up fast, so hurry and secure your place for next Wednesday’s event

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The Baker Street Property Meet is the ideal place to get your burning property questions answered. Whether you are a curious newbie or a seasoned professional, the Baker Street Property Meet is where you will meet like-minded investors and potential joint venture partners.

The meeting will be held 26th October 2022 – 6pm to 10pm – Location: Bloomsbury, Central London

There is a special buzz at our meetings which is why we have grown to become the UK’s largest property networking event with over 300 property investors meeting each month. With people attending from all over the country, the Baker Street Property Meet is the networking event of choice for all serious property investors.

So whether you’re looking to ‘beef up’ your property skills or you’re seeking inspiration, make sure you join us at the next Baker Street Property Meet!

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Incorporating without refinancing and other taxation strategies – Mark Smith

• Are you a hands-on landlord looking to counter the effects of loss of finance cost relief?
• Do you want to get your business into a company structure without having to refinance your current lending?
• Do you want to pass on as much of your business as you can whilst minimising the effects of IHT?
• Do you want to maximise your personal tax allowances?

If you are a property rental business, working 20 hours or more in an average week, and sharing income and expenses in common with another (eg spouse) then you could well be eligible for incorporation into a limited company, without having to refinance your current lending and with rollover relief on capital gains and exemptions from Stamp Duty. This would give your business full relief from finance costs, as well as a whole range of other opportunities for equity release, income maximisation and succession planning.

Mark Smith is a barrister well-known in the private rented sector. He led the legal team that recovered £27million of unlawfully charged mortgage interest from West Bromwich Building Society in 2016 on behalf of 6200 landlords (Mark Alexander v West Bromwich).

In association with Property118, he has designed robust strategies to allow rental businesses to incorporate without refinancing, and approaching 1,200 businesses have successfully done so to date from the introduction of the BICT in November 2015.

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  • For the avoidance of doubt, we are able to assist landlords who own properties in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Where you reside is not a problem, even if you are resident outside the UK.
  • Landlord Tax Planning Consultancy is the core business activity of Property118 Limited (in association with Cotswold Barristers).

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