Mandatory HMO licensing to be extended

Mandatory HMO licensing to be extended

11:08 AM, 1st March 2018, About 3 years ago 12

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Subject to approval by Parliament more properties will fall under Mandatory HMO licensing by this October.

Currently Mandatory HMO licensing cover the standard definition of 3 story, 5 occupants in 2 or more families. Now the regulations will also cover purpose built flats where there are up to 2 flats in the block.

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Description of HMOs prescribed by the Secretary of State

An HMO is of a prescribed description for the purpose of section 55(2)(a) of the Act if it—

(a)is occupied by five or more persons;

(b)is occupied by persons living in two or more separate households; and


(i)the standard test under section 254(2) of the Act;

(ii)the self-contained flat test under section 254(3) of the Act but is not a purpose-built flat situated in a block comprising three or more self-contained flats; or

(iii)the converted building test under section 254(4) of the Act.

The Order applies to HMOs in England but does not apply to converted blocks of flats, to which section 257 of the Act applies. These are buildings that have been converted into and consist of self-contained flats where the building work undertaken in connection with the conversion did not comply with the appropriate building standards and still does not comply with them, and less than two-thirds of the self-contained flats are owner-occupied.


by Robert Sellors

17:14 PM, 5th March 2018, About 3 years ago

Regarding the stupidity of bedroom sizes, without doubt potentially forcing landlords to evict thousands of tenants, it is essential that Councils measure shop doorways and label them suitable or not for habitation, and if so for one or two people. Don’t forget their dogs that Corbyn thinks have more rights than landlords.
Another own goal by our Government when will it ever stop.

by Mick Roberts

10:44 AM, 4th July 2018, About 3 years ago

Can you Landlords please sign this & forward to all your contacts.
A small hope, we have to try anything & everything.

I'm sure we not get 10k signatures, but the more Licensing & Govt start to see these things, who knows.

“Petition calling for a review of Nottingham City Councils Selective Licensing."

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