Lowered Stress Test Rates for BTL Remortgages

Lowered Stress Test Rates for BTL Remortgages

14:55 PM, 22nd April 2024, About 4 weeks ago

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Foundation Homeloans has released improved criteria updates that can help if you are a Higher-Rate Taxpayer. Previously, you would have to look at a lower loan due to the 145% stress rate knocking you down, but with this offering, they may have tipped their corner of the remortgage market in your favour.

These new products appeal to higher-rate tax-paying landlords who are looking for 2-year fixed rates, who can now remortgage on more favourable terms without being subject to higher interest cover ratios, or the stress rates typically required of sub 5-year fixed rates.

Key Points:

Remortgages with no additional borrowing can now be considered on £4£ underwriting
Assessed at 125% Interest Cover regardless of applicant low/high tax payer status
The stress rate applied is the product Pay Rate – regardless of the length of the fixed period

New £4£ Limited Edition products: For individuals and limited companies
F1 6.59% fixed for 2 years
F2 6.74% fixed for 2 years
Products available up to 75% LTV
Minimum loan size: £50,000
Maximum loan size: £1.5m
Product fee 1.5%

This would be very good if you are a higher-rate taxpayer struggling to remortgage a portfolio with lower income but good capital growth.

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