Landlords Wizard – Incorporation Relief

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Try our 60 second wizard – see below.

If you qualify for incorporation relief, this could be your Golden Ticket to:-

  1. Wash out all capital gains to date, meaning that the starting point for tax when you sell your properties will be their value today
  2. To avoid the tax consequences of restrictions of finance cost relief (Section 24)
  3. To ring fence liabilities to the value of the business due to increasing compliance demands, legislation and litigious nature of society generally
  4. To provide opportunities to raise capital by attracting new shareholders
  5. To provide exit opportunities for shareholders in the fullness of time via the sale or transfer of shares

We are also unveiling a no-win-no-fee opportunity for you to seek official clearance from HMRC.

There are also several other ways you might wish to restructure your business to make it more efficient.

Why not try it for yourself?


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