Landlords Money Saving Tips

Landlords Money Saving Tips

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Landlords Money Saving Tips

Landlords Money Saving TipsThese Landlords Money Saving Tips will help to make your property business more profitable and hence more resilient to increases in interest rates as and when they rise. Landlords Money Saving Tips

Save Time & Make Money on Tenant Change

Does your Utility company pay you commission in return for helping your tenants to save money? This FREE management service will notify all utility companies on tenant changeover, saving you time and hassle, and provides a full audit trail of the notifications in case there is ever a dispute about the utility or council tax bill liability. Commission is  paid to landlords if tenants accept recommended suppliers. To learn more please CLICK HERE

Landlords Insurance

Our buying power is such that we can now GUARANTEE to save you money on any like for like landlords insurance renewal quote. We’ve always had a competitive scheme running but this guarantee is something very new. Please feel free to give it a try. If your landlords insurance isn’t due yet you may forget about this so tell us now when your renewal is due and we will remind you closer to the time. Then just send us your renewal quotation and we will tell you how much we can save you, it really is that simple. There is no obligation to change, all we ask is that you give us the opportunity to help you save money. To request further details please CLICK HERE 

Lettings and Management

Have you ever considered how much it really costs you in terms of both time and money to manage your properties? If you are doing everything properly you will be taking professional pictures, advertising your property on the major property portals, organising and attending viewings with prospective tenants, referencing tenants and guarantors, paying for professional inventories on check in/out, keeping on top of the law and issuing tenancy and guarantor agreements, taking meter readings on check in and check out and informing utility companies of tenancy change over, protecting tenant deposits and issuing prescribed information within 30 days of deposit money being received, paying for Rent Guarantee Insurance, collecting rents, issuing notices and organising maintenance as required. Now just suppose you could outsource all of this to an ARLA bonded agent for 4% of rent plus VAT (min £24.99 pcm + VAT) no up front fees). You can even offset the cost against your rental profits. No brainer? We think so!  To request further details please CLICK HERE

Could You Save Tax By Incorporating?

If you have a portfolio of properties you may be able to save tax by incorporating, i.e. becoming a limited company. However, there are several important factors to be taken into consideration; e.g. whether you would need to refinance, would you have to pay capital gains tax, would stamp duty or LBTT be applicable. Only when you can compare the costs against any potential savings will you be in a position to make a commercial decision as to whether incorporation is the right thing for you. Professional advice to establish these numbers can run into thousands of pounds, which is why we recommend that you download our spreadsheet and do most of the groundwork yourself first. For further details please CLICK HERE


Discussions on our forums suggests high demand for a reasonably priced, highly efficient conveyancing service dedicated to our readers.

Having established a brand new website for this purpose, we sincerely hope that Property118 members will support our joint venture with Hawkins Ryan solicitors when buying or selling property. At the very least, please contact them for a discussion and a quotation. They may even be able to help reduce CGT liabilities. For further details please CLICK HERE 

Landlord Emergency Cover

In this article Jason McClean, our insurance partner, explains how he plans to reduce his costs and hassle based on a new insurance product. He has worked out that he would have saved over £1,000 on just two properties if this product had been available this time last year. For further details please CLICK HERE

Evicting Tenants

These days you can theoretically do most things yourself. Evicting Tenants is one of the issues where professional advice tends to save you more than it costs you in the long run.

The website is a joint venture between Property118, Landlord Action and The Sheriffs Office.

It is a MUST READ for every landlord who wants to understand the basics of eviction and where to obtain additional quality information, advice and support should you ever need it. To learn more please CLICK HERE

Rip-Off Artists Get Their Come Uppance

Justice is not as difficult or expensive to access as you might think!

The Private Prosecutions website is a joint venture between the founders of Property118 and Cotswold Barristers. For further details please CLICK HERE

Litigation Advice

Did you know that it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of litigation by bypassing solicitors and working directly with Barristers? Counsel’s opinion is always sought in litigation matters of any complexity. This is because barristers specialise in presentation of cases in court, and therefore will have the deepest insight into what is necessary to give the case the best chance of success. There is nothing like being the public face of the case, actually standing before the judge or jury and arguing the matter, to bring about the best possible levels of commitment to preparation. That wealth of experience, specialism in advocacy and in the particular area of law, are what solicitors traditionally sought out from counsel in seeking their opinions. So why not cut out the middle man and save thousands?  READ MORE


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