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Property118 Limited has just released a new spreadsheet for landlords and their accountants to download free of charge.

The spreadsheet is incredibly easy to use and produces instant results.

Find out whether it might be possible to restructure your business so that you only pay corporation tax on a significant amount of your future your rental profits, and without any restrictions on finance cost relief either. The corporation tax rate is currently 19% and is scheduled to fall to 18% next year and 17% the year after.

This spreadsheet will calculate the maximum amount of funds you will be able to withdraw from your business without paying any further tax as a result of using this particular restructuring method. It will also provide you with a quote for implementing the restructure.

If the structure is not applicable to you the spreadsheet will explain why and make further suggestions.

Landlord Restructure Spreadsheet Download Form


We obtained approval for a £5.3 million bridging facility to allow our clients to withdraw their partnership capital up to base cost from their property rental business pre-incorporation.

The facility was novated to the company on incorporation, but the partners retained the cash.

Post incorporation they loaned the cash raised to their company to create a £5.3 million directors loan.

The company then paid off off the bridging finance.


The company will repay the Directors out of future company profits without any personal tax consequences for the Directors.

The finance was provided at a very competitive rate by a private funder and was secured against solicitors undertakings. This meant that property was not required as security to support the funding, which also kept costs down.

We’re happy, our clients are VERY happy.

It could be you!

The key criteria in regards to whether the above structure could also apply to you is:-

  • You spend at least 20 hours a week running your property rental portfolio business
  • You are not the sole owner of the business
  • You haven’t borrowed more than the purchase price of your entire property portfolio
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Consultations include new client compliance checks, fact find via email with complimentary software, expert analysis, a detailed written report and recommendations and a recorded video conference with your Property118 Consultant and our Hon. Legal Counsel, which your existing advisers are welcome to participate in. All consultations are confidential and you will be provided with a copy of the recording of the video conference. We GUARANTEE total satisfaction or a full refund.
  • Please provide an overview of your circumstances and what you are looking to achieve.

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