Landlord trap never ending

Landlord trap never ending

23:00 PM, 5th January 2021, About A year ago 15

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Following the announcement of another National lockdown there is no end in sight for desperate landlords and there must now be government support.

This is an exceptionally difficult situation for everyone and as before it is vital that tenants who are genuinely impacted by the pandemic are protected from losing their home.  Echoing calls from the NRLA, the Government should be following Scotland and Wales and providing access to a Tenant Hardship Loan Fund to prevent further possession action.

However, it should not be a case of protecting tenants over landlords or vice versa, it should be about protecting people.  We now have a situation where some landlords have rent arrears cases which started in 2019 and they still do not have possession of their property, nor are they receiving any rent.  Some of these landlords have also lost jobs and are trying to cover mortgages.

Landlords are desperate for some kind of timescale. The reality is that the ban on evictions will now continue throughout lockdown, and it could even be April or May before bailiffs are able to enforce evictions, depending on what kind of restrictions or tier systems are put in place in Spring. All the while, caseloads are increasing but old cases are not being cleared.

Since the property market remains open for people to move home and Courts are still operating, it should be made possible for pre-Covid eviction cases to proceed. If something is not done soon to alleviate the mounting pressure on landlords, the market will experience a surge of illegal evictions and landlords selling with tenants in situ.”

I am discussing the impact of lockdown #3 on landlords and tenants on LBC with Nick Ferrari tomorrow at 7.40am (6 January 2021).

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by DSR

13:30 PM, 7th January 2021, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by John Mac at 07/01/2021 - 13:17
actually yes please - can I take a copy anyway I'd love to read it.

by John Mac

13:35 PM, 7th January 2021, About A year ago

OK here's my FB profile contact me there & ill upload a copy for you.

by James D

8:56 AM, 8th January 2021, About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by RL at 06/01/2021 - 13:56
Judicial reviews against the government has been apparently been considered before with Kevin Rutledge from Cornerstones however it’s didn’t go far. David Smith from JMR has put foreward another jr though I believe that might be to the Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland instructing bailiffs not to carry out writs of possession from November
Excellent news for your court hearing I’d be really keen to know the outcome as I’m in a similar position myself.

by Ian Simpson

9:30 AM, 10th January 2021, About A year ago

I have two eviction cases on the go with Landlord Action. I appreciate they are very busy, but the time from instruction to service of s21 and s8 is quite disappointing, bearing in mind the subsequent six month wait after the papers are served. I suppose we have little choice though, and at least Jenrick has not paused the court hearings again, only the bailiffs, so that is a relief. I am taking the view that the properties in question are simply empty, and non-yielding, though with the bonus of no Council tax liability as there is actually a "person" in there... Trying to keep positive!! One of these cases had papers served in November 2019, so 14months ago now. The tenant has now moved in an extra person and a dog, against the AST. Both partners are working, but just electing to claim their "Free Tenancy" courtesy of Mr Jenrick & co. Spending most of their money on cannibis and alcohol, to disturb other residents. They know they will be housed by the council as soon as they are evicted, but are just seeing how long it will take. They really don't care

by Ash1666

19:24 PM, 22nd January 2021, About A year ago

This whole situation is completely unfair. The Government need to be held to account as well as delinquent tenants. I have had no rent from my tenant since September 2019. I get pittance payments from the Council that doesn’t cover the mortgage. I understand her partner earns, but she’s not declaring it. I had my court hearing last week after reactivating my section 21; it was 15mins, the tenant got last minute legal aid, got a defence filed by her solicitor, which the judge hadn’t seen. So the bulk of the 15mins were used by her solicitor to talk through the 14 point defence, non of which was true and I had evidence to counter every part. The judge didn’t give me possession said there was a major dispute and I paid £3000 for the privilege of hearing a late, made up defence case that should have been thrown out for being late. Now I’m in a long legal case and being advised to settle by my solicitor. Complete injustice. I’m selling up as soon as I can and I say sod it to all tenants, including the decent ones. Let the government and councils take responsibility for housing people. I can find better ways to use my hard earned monies.

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