Join our Network of Property118 Promoters

Join our Network of Property118 Promoters

18:10 PM, 13th January 2020, About 4 years ago

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We are building a Network of Promoters.

If you are active on Social Media, such as LinkedIn and/or Facebook, we are inviting you to consider working with us.

The tasks are simple,  but we will pay you handsomely for results.


All we ask of our Promoters is that they post tracked links to Property118 articles on Social Media, to promote our Landlord Tax Planning Consultancy Service.


For every Consultation booking your links generate we will pay you £125 (plus VAT if you are VAT registered). Referral commission is paid quarterly.


The way our tracking works is that when a person clicks on a tracked link a cookie is placed on the users device. If that person then books a Landlord Tax Planning Consultation with us within the next six months from the same device, the cookie will let us know who generated the referral. If a User clicks on links from multiple promoters we will pay the referral fees to the promoter whose link was clicked most recently. People rarely book a tax consultation off the back of the first Property118 article they read, but that doesn’t matter because we always know the last person to have referred them. We also know that people are more likely to book a tax planning consultation when they have read several of our tax planning articles. Accordingly, you need to stick at it because results are rarely instant. However, given that it takes less than 5 minutes a week it’s not going to have a big impact on your time, save for the potential of the financial rewards of course.


My Brother is the founder of Property118, he’s the one with the brain the size of the planet but I’m the better looking younger version (with hair!).

My wife and I own a portfolio of BTL properties and I have also developed bungalows on brown field sites in the past. I joined Property118 last year to help grow the Promoters Network and to assist Promoters to make even better returns from their efforts. It’s free to join and once you do I will send you links to promote from time to time, but never more than one a week.

I’m very open minded to any other ideas you would like to share with me too. For example, some of our promoters run Networking events and I have been able to arrange for Mark Smith, our Hon Legal Counsel and Head of Chambers at Cotswold Barristers to speak at those events. We have then promoted those events on Property118, which often results in record attendance numbers.

All the best

Adam Alexander – Property118 Business Development Executive

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