Is this the death of property investing?

Is this the death of property investing?

9:21 AM, 19th May 2023, About A year ago

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Many people believe that we are seeing “The Death of Property Investing” because single-let properties, just don’t stack up any more. 

And for the 82% of landlords who only have single lets properties this might be true.

However, at times like this, the only way to prosper with property is to control property which generates very high cash flow such that increasing interest rates are not really a problem.

My favourite strategy, because it has helped so many of my students replace their income, and the very best strategy for these times of recession is Houses of Multiple Occupation, known as HMOs.

The problem is that there are so many myths and misunderstandings about HMOs that most investors think they are too much work or too much of an advanced strategy.

Whilst there is a lot to understand about HMOs, once you know what you are doing, they are actually very straightforward, and you don’t even need to manage them yourself, because you can afford to pay other people to do that for you from the healthy monthly positive cash flow, which means they are not that much work at all once you have set them up.

We have an introduction to HMOs mini-course which will bust many of the myths around HMOs and help you understand if HMOs are perfect for you, or not.

Normally we sell this mini video course for £197 + VAT, but this weekend I would like to give you complementary access to this on demand video training and also access to a live online training next week where you can ask me any questions you have about this cash generating strategy.

Register here

In this training, you’ll discover:

  • Why your next property should be an HMO
  • The small changes that can triple your rental profit
  • How to acquire your next high cash-flowing HMO

If you only have single let properties, you need to see for yourself how HMOs can help you build wealth, create a better financial future for yourself, and recession-proof your bank account.

Invest with Knowledge, Invest with Skill.


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