Introductory Tenancies for PRS (not just for social landlords)

Introductory Tenancies for PRS (not just for social landlords)

14:31 PM, 22nd November 2018, About 4 years ago 2

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Why isn’t Shelter campaigning against the law that allows local authorities and housing associations to use “Introductory Tenancies”, which give tenants even less certainty of a home than an AST with any private landlord?

Housing Act 1996 – section 124 “Introductory Tenancies” Click here

Any why can’t PRS landlords use something like this too, especially if the Govt wants to push for 3-year minimum terms?

It would be less of a worry to agree a 3-year minimum if the landlord still retains the right to evict genuine nightmare tenants.



by Old Mrs Landlord

10:51 AM, 24th November 2018, About 4 years ago

If we are to be subject to statutory minimum tenancies, I think something along those lines should be a condition, although I would prefer six months to the social housing's one year Introductory Tenancy. A whole year is an awful long time for neighbours to put up with ASB or for a landlord to go without rent.

by Annie Landlord

17:15 PM, 24th November 2018, About 4 years ago

I have made this very point in my submission to Karen Buck MP for the debate on S21 next week.
Shelter has campaigned against both the introductory tenancy and fixed term and flexible tenancy (which would have given councils and HAs the right to refuse lifetime tenancies in favour of two year ones)
"Shelter went on to say that it “strongly supports social landlords continuing to let their home on permanent or longer-term tenancies” and went on to highlight several negative consequences it believes could arise from the use of fixed-term tenancies"
The coalition raised the idea of the new tenancies back in 2011, but left the implementation up to LAs, the vast majority of whom declined to offer anything other than lifetime tenancies.
The government backed down in August, so fixed term and flexible tenancies in the SRS have bitten the dust for the time being.

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