How to sell your property at full price in a falling market

How to sell your property at full price in a falling market

11:35 AM, 19th January 2023, About A year ago

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If you are looking to SELL some of your properties this year, or if you are looking to BUY property this year, then you need to watch this brand new video.

As you know many landlords are looking to exit the property market and sell some, or all of their properties this year, for many reasons such as rising interest rates, impact of Section 24, and increased legislation.

When selling, you want to get as much as you can for your property, but that is going to be difficult in the current falling property market, where realistically to sell you might need to sell at a 10% to 15% discount off the true market value.

However, there is a creative way to agree a sale at full price and even achieve more than the current value in some circumstances.

If you are looking to buy property this year, then you also need to watch this video to understand this from the seller’s point of view, because if you can use a structured deal then you can help the seller achieve the high price they want, without the money coming out of your pocket.

I have release a brand new video about this for you on my YouTube channel but you can watch it here.

If you want to learn more about how you can use these creative strategies if selling or buying, then I highly recommend you register for my 90 minute live online Masterclass all about the most appropriate strategies in 2023.

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