How to save money by Not evicting tenants

How to save money by Not evicting tenants

14:27 PM, 10th June 2022, About 2 years ago

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Recent data shows an increase in the number of evictions issued in Q1 of 2022 when compared to the previous quarter and the same period pre-pandemic.

According to Simply Business, an eviction costs approximately £2K and takes about 9 months to complete, plus tenants often stop paying rent during proceedings.

Landlords who choose to evict tenants before selling their properties with vacant possession can easily face a 12 – 18 month timescale to complete.

The problems and their complexity is compounded when landlords are simultaneously under their own threat of repossession from mortgage lenders if they are unable to repay their mortgage as a result.

Thankfully, there is now a better way for landlords who want (or feel they have no choice) to sell property with vacant possession.

An alternative, ‘landlord friendly’ option

Landlord Sales Agency is a portfolio exit specialist that provides an alternative option for landlords who might want to downsize, and use the equity tied into the properties affected to pay off the mortgages on better performing investments with good tenants.

We sell all types of buy-to-let properties and for those landlords with tenant issues, we remove the need for landlords to evict their tenants by selling property with tenants in situ and arranging vacant possession after the sale has been agreed.

  • We manage the entire process from sale to vacant possession
  • We secure the agreement so fewer sales break down
  • We can provide interest-free cash advances of up to £20,000 to settle any cash flow problems once a sale has been agreed

We take away the hassle that comes with selling buy-to-let properties to ensure that landlords are able to sell fast. Sellers walk away with 85 – 90% of the market value and have no commission, estate agency fees, legal fees or costs to pay. This really is the highest value you’ll get for your properties compared to other methods which may get you 100% market value but don’t take into account all the costs that are deducted from the sale plus months, if not years, of anguish.

So if you’re a landlord who is looking to sell your buy-to-let portfolio contact us today for a no-obligation chat about selling your properties no matter what the tenant situation.

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