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How to Leave Comments

How to Leave Comments?

We have some great News!

You no longer have to register with Disqus to leave a comment or a question relating to an article or a question/comment left by another reader AND you can have your picture next to your comment if you wish too. There are several options you can use, all of which are very simple.

At the end of every post you will see a white box with a grey picture of a man’s head to the left. In the box you will see the words “leave a message”, that’s where you type your comment or question.

If you want to respond to a comment or question which another person has left, click reply just under their comment/question and the same box will appear.

Type your comment

When you start typing you will see a box appear below saying Name and to the left of that four Social Networking icons will appear.

You then have these options:-

If you want to remain anonymous type in a name where prompted as you want it to appear on the screene.g. “Mark from Norwich”. Then add your email address in the box below that (this will not be displayed) and then click Post.

How to Leave Comments with a picture

How to Leave Comments with a picture?

If you want to add validity to your comment you will need to log in using a Social Network by clicking on the icon of a network you already belong to. When you do this you will not need to enter your name or email address. Simply follow the instructions as they appear on your screen and then press post. If you log in via a Social Network the Avatar (or picture) you use in that social network will appear next to your comment when it is posted. For obvious reasons, you can only log in via Social Networks you already subscribe to.

If you choose to log in to comment with a Social Network your comments will carry more validity. This is because people can see who you are and have an opportunity to visit your profile page on other Social Networks. They can then put your comments into perspective and judge the credibility of your comment based on what they see. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you log in with a Social Newtork to add extra validity to your comments.

All comments posted on Property118 are moderated, in other words we check they are in accordance with our terms and conditions of use. If you are not a regular commenter it may take a while for your comment to be approved by a moderator so please be patient. Once we are happy that your comments are in accordance with our terms and conditions we will “whitelist” you. This means that your comments will be published instantly but will continue to be checked by a moderator. We reserve the right to “whitelist”and/or “blacklist” commenter’s at our discretion. We also reserve the right to delete text or comments made if part or all of the comment contravenes our conditions of use.

If you like an article or a comment you can share it via the most popular Social Networks. You can also have a vote on whether you like what is being said using the up and down icons just below a comment. You only get one vote per comment.

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