Green Deal Home Improvement Fund voucher?

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund voucher?

14:20 PM, 4th September 2014, About 9 years ago 4

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Has anybody redeemed their Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) voucher yet? I’m told [ by someone answering the Phone at GDHIF, so make of that what you want ] that Landlords with more than 5 Vouchers are being double audited and none of that group has redeemed a voucher yet. Only People with less than 5 vouchers have received anything.

This chimes with my experience so far, I submitted 2 applications on the 11th July which was the first day possible to redeem a voucher, since then I’ve submitted 6 more and none have gone through. I’ve put a block on all future works because at the end of the day whether I get cashback or not I’m liable for the bill which is running at 65k so far.

Any points or info on this issues would be appreciated

PaulGreen Deal Home Improvement Fund

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Neil Robb

20:24 PM, 6th September 2014, About 9 years ago


This year two of my tenants were approached and told that there landlord would qualify for the green deal for external insulation work was quoted at £8 to £10,000 per house. The landlord would have to pay £2000 per house towards this. My tenants told me I would have to phone the Scottish Green Deal number this I did. I was told I could not make the application. It must be the tenants.

One did this no problem the other was told no it must be your landlord who phoned them. I explained to the tenant that I was told the opposite and she would have to phone again with the help from my other tenant who was her friend we got it sorted.

The EPC were done and paid for the work carried out. Then when we tried to claim back the £500.00 voucher it was a nightmare. I was told it was not my money to claim back it was the tenants even though I had to pay out £2000.00 for each house in the first place. They would not discuss the claim with me even though I had to sign the forms for consent for the work as well as fill out section 4.

Lucky for me both my tenants were decent and sent the money on when it was eventually paid out.

The whole process seemed very poorly managed with as many obstacles put in your way as possible. One department not knowing what the other was doing.

In Northern Ireland they had a scheme called Warm homes if someone was on benefits they would assess the property and see what could be done to improve the energy efficiency of the property. This worked quite well for me normally only getting free loft insulation but it was something.

Now they have just changed the system to be run by the Housing executive here so I am not sure how it will work but past experience of the housing is sorry you can not have it we have no money.

Why do they make these schemes so difficult to operate last year I Spent £12,500 changing from old oil boiler to new energy efficiency Gas boilers a few years back a private tenant on benefits would have got a grant to do this. I am a consciences landlord and know how hard it is for tenants to buy the oil in one go so by putting gas in it makes it easier for the tenants. this year I will convert another three houses but as cost are going up it is getting harder to make these decisions.

Looking forward to hearing peoples views

paul johnson

7:39 AM, 7th September 2014, About 9 years ago

Hi Robb
I think in Scotland it sounds like a tottally different system.

in Englan no one is allowed to claim a voucher on behalf of the home owner[possible the tenant can apply im not sure] If some one has a voucher and is telling you that only they can do the work and it costs x amount, I would report them to DECC,phone the GDHIF scheme and change the provider/installer and shop around and get it cheaper. One of the reasons theGDHIF collapsed was greddy companies speculatively applying for vouchers and trying to sell them on.


paul johnson

7:41 AM, 7th September 2014, About 9 years ago

Sorry yr in Northern Ireland not Scotland

Neil Robb

13:38 PM, 7th September 2014, About 9 years ago

Hi Paul

I have properties in both Scotland and Northern Ireland so have to deal with all different rules depending where the property is.

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