Grab your FREE copy of the UK’s leading magazine for active property people!

Grab your FREE copy of the UK’s leading magazine for active property people!

14:45 PM, 21st March 2017, About 7 years ago

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I guess you could describe successful property investing as a jigsaw! All the information is out there – all the pieces are in front of you, but you have to align them up correctly and fit them together in the right order!

Others, I am sure, feel more like someone has cheated them and they have been given the puzzle with key pieces missing or a half chewed up box with a distorted picture so you have no idea what you are meant to be creating with these various pieces!

Either way, whilst it is often echoed within property circles that ‘anyone can make money in property’ we think it’s important to point out that if YOU are to be a successful property investor you NEED tenacity, determination and grit to succeed! But everything in life that is worth doing is hard work – and let’s face it the more you put in the more you get out and the rewards …well there is no denying are HUGELY rewarding.

Your Property Network magazine has fast become the UK’s most popular and successful magazine for property investors and developers alike and our primary aim every month is to inspire, educate and give you a balanced perspective on all things property throughout the pages of YPN.

This month and next we have turned our attention to student letting in our extended feature.  This is a market that has seen a lot of change in recent years, and there is a great deal of speculation about the future of student letting given the impact of increased fees, and also of purpose-built accommodation blocks. We ask the question – Will the traditional student let survive?

Every month we feature the UK’s most knowledgeable property experts including those in planning, finance and strategy, sharing with you their extensive experience to help you navigate through the property world on your journey to financial success.

Here at YPN we are here to help, inspire and guide you on your property journey!

You can download your FREE electronic copy of this month’s magazine here or by clicking on the image below, and together with the first of our two-part special, this month we talk about the essence of putting together a powerful team in property, we highlight the questions you need to ask your property sourcer, we ask will private landlords qualify for a full state pension and much much more! And as an added bonus, we will also send you a copy of the April edition of YPN direct to your door so you can get your hands on the very latest magazine for FREE!

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