Getting in the Ring – New Landlords Association

by Larry Sweeney

11:38 AM, 8th October 2018
About 3 years ago

Getting in the Ring – New Landlords Association

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Getting in the Ring – New Landlords Association

The New National Landlords alliance, despite not being fully operational yet and awaiting the website build, has today got in to the ring to fight for landlords. See our tweet.

We have written to Chancellor Hammond with the following demands:

An amendment to sect 24 (we want it repealed) but decided to give them some wriggle room.

An immediate council tax holiday of 5 years to assist first time buyers, paid for by council efficiencies. It is simply wrong that Heads of councils earn more than the PM, paid for by tax payers – wrong, wrong, wrong.

Capital gains tax to be reduced and abolished where landlords sell to tenants. We pointed out to the Chancellor that a reduction would actually help the exchequer by increased revenue from more transactions.

We also pointed out to Chancellor Hammond that the PRS is not happy with this so called Conservative government, and Labour’s proposals for longer tenancies and rent controls are all we have left to fear. Perhaps not fear, as these proposals will finally wreck the market and eventually sanity must prevail.

Let us see if Central Government listen.

New Landlords association

To those who have pledged on this forum, but have not yet emailed us please email

Thank you to those who have contacted us and we will update you in due course.

Click Here to view the original article: New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Many thanks for your support



Mark Shine

20:32 PM, 14th October 2018
About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment left by tired at 14/10/2018 - 09:55
Like yourself I have no idea about their members individual circumstances, but I think I raised that very point on this forum in previous years - ie it’s surely a possibility (?) that the majority of RLA & NLA & iHowz & all the other regional LL associations etc etc members may actually be better off purely *because* of S24?

Larry Sweeney

22:31 PM, 14th October 2018
About 3 years ago

Reply to the comment by Seething Landlord and Annie. To Seething Landlord, I completely agree. Why should Mr Hammond listen and act upon an email from the new Alliance, after all the so called Lobbying by the other organisations has proved worthless. The reality is that they think that their anti landlord stance will earn them more votes. Annie I cannot explain our strategy on an open forum. I appreciate the support offered and I can absolutely state that our members want us to fight hard. They want us to be nothing like the other organisations and that is exactly the approach we will take. Its up to landlords to come out and email us their pledges. We need the numbers and just watch what we can achieve. I can not over emphasise the sheer frustration felt by landlords who have come to join us. Lets not get hung up over a tweet or two . Sometimes one must read between the lines. I can confirm that we have had a pledge from a former senior member of one of the two big organisations. What he told me about the sheer ineptidude of this organisation is shocking. Please dont attack us before we even start. What have the other organisations achieved. Sect 24, sdlt, licensing, £30k fines and to top it all they come out whining about rogue landlords as they implement rotten council schemes. Nobody in their right mind should retain membership of useless bodies like these. If they were worth while we would not be having this conversation.

Richard Adams

22:48 PM, 14th October 2018
About 3 years ago

What is the hangup about pledging £100? Chicken feed to let Larry have a go at what he he has outlined so let's support him. Worse outcome will be that Larry does not succeed but this is only likely if Landlords Alliance does not have sufficient members to give him an authoritative voice. If any member of this forum declines to pledge and join I question why they choose to belong to it? If Landlords Alliance goes belly up, so what it's only £100 down the pan. If there is a genuine downside to pledging please tell me what it is.

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