FEBRUARY FREEBIE 15-minute consultation with Caridon Landlord Solutions

FEBRUARY FREEBIE 15-minute consultation with Caridon Landlord Solutions

14:16 PM, 5th February 2021, About 3 years ago

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Caridon Landlord Solutions is a dedicated service provider specialising in Universal Credit and Housing Benefit advice for private landlords, letting agents and housing associations.

We understand that since the expansion of Universal Credit, some landlords have noticed a spike in rent arrears, mainly owing to delays and errors in the initial payment. As a result, landlords are increasingly reluctant to house those reliant on the Welfare System, which can put additional strain on local authorities.

With the number of people currently reliant on Universal Credit having risen to staggering 6 million (from 2.9 million in February 2020), we are seeing first-hand the struggles that both landlords and tenants are facing.

Based on the statistics that we have, in most new claims for Universal Credit, the tenant falls into arrears within the first month. This is most commonly down to two things; delays in the Alternative Payment Arrangement being set up and requested by the landlord at the start of the tenancy, or the tenant not declaring certain costs due to a lack of understanding of the system.

As a result, we have compiled a range of invaluable support services to assist both landlords and tenants, as required, throughout the tenancy process with the goal of helping more tenants avoid rent arrears and more landlords sustain the tenancy.

Every Saturday in February, Caridon Landlord Solutions is offering landlords a 15 minute free consultation to get advice on any issues they may be experiencing with their tenancy.

Please email: siannae.anderson@caridon.co.uk

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