Expensive quotes for new build?

Expensive quotes for new build?

15:54 PM, 29th June 2016, About 6 years ago 14

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I have Planning Permission to build a 2 bed end of terrace house with gross internal floor space of 79sqm onto the side of an existing rental house I own. Requests for quotes have gone out to 3 builders, one used before and other 2 from recommendation. expensive

I thought I could get it built for around £100k, but all have come in at least 20% over that figure. Any ideas on how to get price down, but still get a quality build.

Meeting with the builders to discuss further. They will project manage the build, advice appreciated.

Many thanks



by jane macswayne

19:46 PM, 2nd July 2016, About 5 years ago

Really useful comments and I have taken it all onboard. Thank you

by Angela Cooper

9:57 AM, 16th July 2016, About 5 years ago

If the quotes are all being returned at the same price that`s the price of the build. I`m not sure how came to the £100 K figure in the first place without actually obtaining costs, perhaps this is how much you wanted to spend. A new build is VAT exempt and anyone quoting for a new build will have made this assumption. Project managing a new build without any experience will probably cost you more in the long run. Save money on the fitments such as the kitchen, sanitary ware and floor coverings but be careful which ones you select to ensure the end result looks good. White mdf pre primed facings and skirting can also save time. In Scotland we tend to use block on the outer leaf with render, its much quicker to build than brick but your planning approved drawings probably have specified brick and we tape plaster joints instead of a complete plaster skim on the inside face, another cost and time saving detail, but only if the trades person knows the detail. A decent QS and a local Architect should be employed to control the build and costs and a decent sized contractor will be able to purchase materials with a higher discount than anyone making a one off purchase. I notice that someone has suggested installing ground source above. These systems start at £20K. It is not a low cost option. £1500 per m2 is the price of a new build in Aberdeen, comparative with the South East of England but I have seen new build costs returned much higher than this and closer to £2000 per m2. I`m an Architect with over 10+ years experience in domestic projects. Good Luck 🙂

by shpet

15:07 PM, 26th November 2018, About 3 years ago

Recently was considering extension of mu BTL with possibility of 5 room HMO or 4 bedroom Family home.
Searched online and registered with localsurveyorsdirect.co.uk to get some quotes and soon architects and planers started contacted me.
Had two architects with their builders turn up to meet for advice and measurements of what it is possible and for builder to provide estimates based on chosen idea. Architects explained their fees of going forward for each stage but nothing chargeable at the moment for advice and measurements.
All good.
Third person now, don think he's even a na Architect, cals himself a planer and has some builders.
Since tenant was not available at the time he suggested and I was at work, he apparently didn't have any other slot until two weeks time, he suggested to go at property himself and do the measurements from outside and peeking through the windows, checked with tenant and that was fine.
Briefed him same as others what I'm thinking on doing and emphasising the quote. Since he was insisting that this is not a problem I asked him if he could explain his ideas whats possible with rough sketch just so I understand him on email. He never mentioned any fees.
When he was due to go at property he cals me and asks for a fee of £100 and we agreed.
Since then has sent me the estimates and two pages of drawings he calls them plans to submit for planing and demands to charge me other fees. I never asked for this and It doesn't meet my brief that was emailed to him. After looking at it his plan their also wrong as is taking a chunk from neighbours land, from this I even doubt that he ever visited the property for measurements.
He now is contacting me he's going to send me his invoice for planing, quote, tendering documents etc, stuff I dint ask.
Anyone had a situation like this and any advice would be appreciated.

by H B

20:06 PM, 26th November 2018, About 3 years ago

Logically there should be a link between the cost of land with planning permission plus building cost to the value of the property.

Your figures suggest that it provides a discount of c.10% by doing the self-build. This sounds reasonable - perhaps you might expect a little more.

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