Exit Strategies for BuyToLet Landlords

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Exit Strategies for BuyToLet Landlords

I have created this page to group together the best read articles published on Property118 in respect of Exit Strategies for BuyToLet Landlords:-

Partial Exit Strategies for Landlords

Is it possible for landlords to have a exit strategies without selling their buy to let property portfolio? This is why I think it is.

Buy to let Exit Strategies – Readers Questions

Following my article about Partial Buy to Let Exit Strategies I’ve woken up this morning to a very full inbox, here are some useful Q&A’s

Ageism in BuyToLet mortgages? Myths dispelled

These BuyToLet mortgage lenders will lend to age 90 and beyond. There is no need for ageism in BuyToLet mortgages.

BEWARE – there is no Capital Gains Tax Roll-Over on BuyToLet

Case study of a landlord who was looking to sell up without considering implications of no capital gains tax roll-over on buytolet property

Taxation strategies for capital raising on a BuyToLet basis for retirement

Article in response to a reader questioning landlord taxation strategies for capital raising on a BuyToLet basis. “Milking the Buytolet”

Exit plan – move in before selling up to avoid CGT

If I move into a buy to let property which has been let for several years, and sell it after 6 months or a year, can I avoid CGT ?