Ex-Council Leasehold top floor flat condensation issues?

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14:42 PM, 19th December 2019
About A year ago

Ex-Council Leasehold top floor flat condensation issues?

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Ex-Council Leasehold top floor flat condensation issues?

We are having serious condensation issues in the Ex-Council Leasehold top floor flat. The Bathroom has a fan, but the ceiling is very wet, over the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. As my flat is on the top floor and it has pitched roof.

The pitched roof is NOT insulated at all, I can see the tiles from inside and water drops from condensation are constantly dripping. I have wool insulation in the ceiling, but it’s not helping.

I have called a few builders and they have advised that Council must sort this out. As pitched roof is owned and maintained by the landlord (local council’s).
I have sent them few emails to the council, but had no response.

The tenants are struggling, has anyone experienced the same situation? What should I do?

Thank you




19:00 PM, 31st December 2019
About A year ago

Hi. I think you might have solved the problems Frankly I surprised at some of the odd comments and advice. Firstly unless the roof is leaking its not a council/LL problem to add roof insulation is a improvement and unless the law requires it then the council aren't obliged to spend ratepayers money sorting out a lessees problem. perhaps you should check that no other flats are merely blasting their fans/extractors into the roof void
The roof void should be ventilated if not the council should do that
I note the points about the fan. Check its a good size and the duct pipe is the right diamond usually 125 or 150mm. also ensure the grille is cleaned regularly. If you can afford it and for the benefit of the tenants put in a heat recovery fan with humidity stat and overrun timer. The other thing I would recommend doing is line the inside of the ceiling with insulated plasterboard and paint that. The theory is moisture should NOT penetrate the ceiling plaster as it will reach a dew point and condense somewhere in the ceiling or in the roof space. thus the paint should act as a vapour barrier. The insulated board will keep the ceiling warmer do stop condensation I had to do this on one of my flats

Sohail Akram

21:42 PM, 31st December 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by blair at 31/12/2019 - 19:00
Thank you very much blair for your detailed answer and advise much appreciated. I think I will get one more fan in the kitchen as moisture generated by the cooking must be contributing towards the condensation.
Thank you very much for your time and advise.

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