Don’t give away 50% of your profits

Don’t give away 50% of your profits

15:38 PM, 24th May 2022, About 2 years ago

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A very popular strategy with many property investors is the concept of Joint Ventures, particularly when you have run out of your own money.

You find a great property deal and someone else (who maybe does not have the time, knowledge or inclination to find deals themself) puts in ALL of the required money.

This can be great for you because you don’t need ANY of your own money. The other person puts in all of the money required. The downside is that this funding comes at a cost, because you give them 50% of the profits.

This is actually very expensive in terms of all of the profit you are giving away.

However, Joint Ventures are not the only Creative Financing method. There are a number of alternative ways of funding your property deals using very little of your own money.

If you are not aware of, or using these other Creative Finance methods, then you are potentially missing out on a fortune in lost opportunity and slowing down the growth of your cash-generating property portfolio.

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