Do PD changes overrule a local development plan?

Do PD changes overrule a local development plan?

10:45 AM, 21st April 2022, About 2 years ago

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Jimbo is a property investor and asked Great Property Meet a very good planning question. He did some investigating on the local planning website and found there was a constraint on his shop describing it as a district and local centre.

After some further digging on the planning portal a few years ago he came to the conclusion the parade he was on was protected meaning it couldn’t be turned into residential use unless he proved it was no longer viable as a shop.

Jimbo wants to know if his property investment with the new permitted development rights and prior approval in the GDPO Class MA can he is now sitting on a property development site and convert his commercial property to residential? Have the old local planning rules been replaced by the new central government GDPO planning rules? Has he been sitting on a commercial to residential conversion project?

Find out the answers in the video below:

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