Decent Property Managers in Cardiff?

Decent Property Managers in Cardiff?

11:42 AM, 27th October 2014, About 7 years ago 34

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I’m new to this website and forum so pleased to make your acquaintance. Decent Property Managers in Cardiff?@

Does anyone know of a property management company in Cardiff or the surrounding area that they would recommend for the management of a small portfolio of residential properties? Two are student let and three are professional lets.
I need a company whose fees are reasonable but first and foremost they need to do what they say and charge for and keep my tenants happy.

As you probably know, the new LL licensing system is coming to Wales shortly and I would have to get qualified and coupled with the fact I travel a lot it’s better, in balance to have someone representing me in this.

I have tried a couple of companies in the past which turned out to be absolutely dire. I do not want a repeat of this.

Cheers, Tim


by Silver Surfer

13:33 PM, 1st November 2014, About 7 years ago

There are always going to be good independent agents operating throughout the UK and perhaps the best thing one can do is talk to established property investors and find out who they use , clearly this firm has additional qualities in being ARLA registered no mean feat and something which doesnt seem to attract the interest of some agents , I wonder why?

by Industry Observer

13:48 PM, 1st November 2014, About 7 years ago

@ Silver Surfer

I used to be the Regulatory Affairs and procedures manager for Castle estates which was the biggest Francise in the UK, starting a few years before Belvoir, Martin & Co, Northwood etc etc and having 60 offfices by 2000.

I was responsible for the legal training and I can assure you I would have put any CE franchisee up against any agent in the knowledge and customer service stakes.

Rita started her business I think in 1999 and from the outset it was obvious she was going to set very high standards indeed. In the near 25 years I have been in this industry I have come across hunbdres, probably thousands of agents, and none that I have ever seen in action (paperwork, knowledge, customer service, professionalism) comes anywhere near the demands Rita puts on herself and her staff because of the standards she sets.

What I have seen in many other agents, independent, corporates and all else between, is some pretty appalling practice.

You are right there will always be good independents operationg - problem is there are few outstanding ones. Rita is one such

by Reader

17:55 PM, 1st November 2014, About 7 years ago

Dear Mark,
Cardiff a great city, plenty of rentals but a diversity of markets spread over a compact area. When you find the right person I will use your service.

by Julia Benham

16:17 PM, 4th November 2014, About 7 years ago

HI Tim,

Thanks for your post. I am a landlord living in Cardiff and I also manage properties for other landlords too through my lettings agency, which is based in Tongwynlais. My background experience, prior to purchasing properties myself, was to work for a private landlord who owns 300 properties, 100 of which are student HMO's in Oxford - I used to manage his Oxford portfolio before I moved back to Cardiff to set up our lettings agency. We have just taken on a landlord with 25 properties, 6 of which are student HMO's and the reason he came to me was because I am a hands on landlord myself. I'm also an accredited landlord too.

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Hope this helps.

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