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11:29 AM, 18th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Brexit Tax Dividend for Landlords?

The reasoning behind the attacks on landlords is plainly to artifically create a market for large corporated bodies to build rented housing that the government used to build i.e. private council houses.
Being incorporated may actually mean private small landlords could equally benefit form the rules that apply to any corporation be it worth £100k or £100m.
Cheaper corporation tax for us all?... Read More


11:23 AM, 18th January 2017, About 5 years ago

HMO and Council tax decision has caused an issue with the inclusive AST contract?

There was an expert opinion sometime ago published on I think this site that explained when properties could be divided up into several Countil Tax liabilities. Dont forget you can appeal the assessment of liability to Valuatiuon Office who will determine if it is one or more households.

In my own case my tenants all qualified for Local Housing Allowance, so the situation became I stopped paying any CT and the tenants didnt have to pay either.Now that seemed a fair deal to me.

If your tenants have to pay you can change I think the terms of a periodic tenancy using a notice which I think is something like a S6 notice. However as no one I spoke to including a national landlord body knew how to use one, I negotiated revised rents and new ASTs. Don't forget single occupancy can attract a discount on CT for the tenant.

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11:09 AM, 18th January 2017, About 5 years ago

Dividends And Other Tax Perks For Landlords Who Incorporate

Dear Mark ,

You make 31st January potentially so much more cheerful, your advice is like a belated Christmas present, the least I give away to the HMRC this time of year makes me happy.

As a person frightened of disposing of my millions to a company structure, because I understand companies, you make the whole prospect a little more exciting.

I read that directors loans, payments in kind, National Insurance contributions to Director employees, dividend distributions, the former property owner charging the company for services, can all help reduce an individuals tax burden, Could you give an example of how to mitigate further the double taxation problem?

How could during our life or thereafter we use the company to transfer capital retained in the company? Property is so much better than pension funds that disappear upon death, we retain something to distrubute to the one we care for. The more the better.... Read More


10:58 AM, 15th November 2016, About 6 years ago

HMO and residential property licensing reforms - consultation paper Oct 2016

Dear Judith,

I first heard of this at a national seminar last November. Quite clearly there is a lot of detail involved in the many considerations but there is just one request I would make to central government when it determines the regieme under which we trade. That is for goodness sake please set a national standard that is applicable to all local councils. It is a nightmare dealing with the varying views of different councils and different Housing Officers therein, it is just to discretionary and at the whim of the councilors and local officers.

A national set standards may help us especially if the considerations were driven by property professionals rather than political masters.... Read More


12:26 PM, 14th November 2016, About 6 years ago

Council say elderly mother with dementia cannot be added to tenancy?

Dear Ravi,

It will depend on if you benefit from a registered Enduring Power of Attorney or a more recent Lasting Power of Attorney (Property) if either of those hes been official started (registered) with the Court of Protection it is likely you can exectute the tencncy on your mother's behalf.

If you have niether, it is a question of degree of capacity your mothe has. See the Mental Capacity Act and the multi stage test to determine capacity. If she still has sufficient capacity make sure you obtain professional advice and obtain an LPA that covers BOTH property and personal care needs.

I big warning however, if you do not have an appropriate LPA for care needs you may find Big Brother (in the form of the council social services) taking control of your mother's affairs.... Read More