Dear Universal Credit Stage 1 complaints

Dear Universal Credit Stage 1 complaints

11:14 AM, 21st February 2019, About 2 years ago 11

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Dear Universal Credit Stage 1 complaints,

Today I have ANOTHER payment gone into my bank account from DWP and I have not got a clue who it is for. You are paying for several tenants Universal Credit UC Housing Element HE in my bank now.

Some tenants you are correctly putting reference numbers next to the payment. Three of the payments I haven’t got a clue who they are for, as you are just putting money in my bank willy nilly and I presume they are for tenants HE, but who for is the mystery question?

I have copied in Bulwell Job Centre in this complaint, as they are starting to receive my tenants, so they can know what goes off after UC start to take control.

Today I rang Mandie from Stage 1 complaints 0116 2063752. The number is diverted to Wolverhampton (I believe) complaints who were surprised I’d been diverted. I get Asher complaints Manager. She rang me back as agreed and told me complaints know about my reference number problem and they will be getting back to me.  I asked when as I’ve had one you’ve been paying me for with no reference number for about 18 months, and you’ve had the complaint and surprise surprise never replied and that’s been with ICE a while and eventually that will get looked at and so will UC complaints for not replying.

Housing Benefit HB have been giving us reference numbers for 20 years. Why can’t UC in 2019? It’s 2 year old stuff. My dog could do it.
And why aren’t you replying? I could solve all your problems, just listen to the Landlord that knows. Who knows, he may just be right you know and then you can all be stopped being ridiculed in the Media.

Asher says they will be replying, I tell her I haven’t had a reply in 18 months to solve it and gives me her managers email. So, let’s see if you can solve it.

People are being made homeless and some of the solutions are easy. I don’t know who you are paying me for and will be evicting non payers.
Please don’t tell me to go through all my houses and find tenants NI number to match yours, and are you breaking any ICO data protection rules sending me NI numbers?

Below is the complaint on the non reference number tenant you paid me for last week. Look at your UC reply. You couldn’t make it up, could you. Was he in Nursery Kindergarten when he replied?

For these No Ref numbers complaints, I require that you now pay me £450 so far £150 for each and every further emails and replies. I will be going for this as compensation for every claim that comes to you.

This is hassle, stress, inconvenience and playing with vulnerable tenants/claimants lives.



by Mick Roberts

16:55 PM, 22nd February 2019, About 2 years ago

Reply to the comment left by Gennie Nash at 22/02/2019 - 16:25
Yes, I'm getting to that stage with UC.
I have great woman within Council Housing Benefit, but with UC I have no control at all.

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