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    Gennie Nash of Hurst Real Estates Leigh-on-Sea

    We are a small family run business that has been running for over 40 years.

    We provide clean, well maintained, unfurnished flats at reasonable prices.

    Our properties are located in the Corringham and Leigh-on-Sea areas of Essex.

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  • Vandalism of Period Features

    2017-01-11 14:44:33

    We have a block of 10 flats, about 30 years old. They all have avocado suits with matching tiles. There's absolutely NO need to rip out a perfectly good bathroom! What a waste of money! Just a couple of the flats have been replaced with white over the past couple of years, but only because they need

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  • MR WHIP OFF Councils breaking Laws collecting council tax?

    2016-12-08 11:16:15

    If you issued another 6 month lease, would you not have to uninsure, then pay to reinsure, the deposit? If so, would it not be easier to just pay the odd days to the council?

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  • MR WHIP OFF Councils breaking Laws collecting council tax?

    2016-12-08 08:06:58

    I didn't have time to read all of that, or the comments after, BUT, I feel your pain! My local council have on numerous occasions disputed my moving out dates of tenants saying the tenant told them they moved out earlier than the date I submitted. Sometimes as much as a month!! Their answer...but th

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  • National Rent Rise Day 5 April 2017

    2016-10-11 21:53:53

    I'm completely perplexed by this whole thing! We have been renting properties for over 40 years and every year the tenant has an increase to their rent. About 3%, although in the past couple of years this has gone up to about 4%. I can't imagine how a tenant would react, never mind cope, with an inc

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  • 16% Increase in my commercial rent – fair?

    2016-06-20 16:04:19

    Have you taken your rental figure from day 1 and added, say, what you would expect your rent to increase by each year, then see what it might be by now if you had an increase each year? (also, how much you have saved by not having the yearly increases). This is a good indication of what you could be

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