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Gennie Nash

16:25 PM, 22nd February 2019
About 4 months ago

Dear Universal Credit Stage 1 complaints

I have no advice here, other than the advice I gave myself which was to avoid working with the Council at all costs many years ago. It wasn't too bad years ago when they sent a list of tenants with the amount paid, but even that wasn't easy because they paid every 4 weeks instead of when it was convenient to me!! I now tell prospective tenants I have no problem with where the money comes from, but they must pay their rent on the 1st of each month (all our leases start on the 1st of any given month), in advance, no matter what. I have lost a lot of prospective tenants, but my sanity must come first. I'm keeping my finger crossed that they sort it out for you. If it helps, it took me a year and a half to get a supply of electric to a flat. They dug up the road and filled it in 3 times and put an overhead line across the road and then took it down! They gave me electric and took it away the next day, twice! One can only hope you finally find someone with sense enough to sort it out for you.... Read More

Gennie Nash

16:19 PM, 11th February 2019
About 4 months ago

Stuck with low EPC empty house we can't rent?

I have been reading these comments with interest. I had a flat, over a shop which was the main problem! There was absolutely nothing extra we could do to get this flat into the acceptable EPC band. In the end, we had to ADD two electric storage heaters, to run separately, along side the electric 'central heating' (water filled radiators run by electric, so just like actual central heating!). I feel your pain! Sometimes you need a human being to look at a situation and use some common sense. I hope it goes well for you. I'm off to read the rest of the comments.... Read More

Gennie Nash

7:28 AM, 18th September 2018
About 9 months ago

Vision for an independent organisation to represent UK landlords

I thought this was an interesting concept until I read £100k wages! Did I read that right, or should I go back & use a fresh eye? If I did, I’m out! Come on, £100k? I’d prefer someone in the job for better reasons than a ridiculously high wage!... Read More

Gennie Nash

12:08 PM, 7th March 2018
About A year ago

Is electric heating a better option to gas central heating?

We have been renting flats for 40 years. They all but 1 have storage heaters. There is not even a gas supply to the blocks as we never intended to use gas. It is surprising when someone struggles to work them, especially with instruction booklets and google these days, but I’ve never had anyone that actually couldn’t learn. Ours store at night, in cheap rate. They are low maintenance and very efficient. We have only ever had one person complain about the cost and it turns out the electric company simply had the wrong readings! It may have an impact on the EPC rating (compared to Gas) but there really is only so much you can do to a property to make it more ‘government’ friendly! It simply wouldn’t be financially viable to install GCH in most cases. Let’s face it, ultimately these extra costs all get passed down the line to the poor tenant. If your EPC is within the correct band, then why waste money installing GCH? Remember, it is YOUR property, someone is just ‘borrowing’ it.... Read More

Gennie Nash

14:44 PM, 11th January 2017
About 2 years ago

Vandalism of Period Features

We have a block of 10 flats, about 30 years old. They all have avocado suits with matching tiles. There's absolutely NO need to rip out a perfectly good bathroom! What a waste of money! Just a couple of the flats have been replaced with white over the past couple of years, but only because they needed it. We have NEVER been in a situation where we couldn't rent one of these flat, & people rarely even mentioned the colour of the bathroom! Keep it, if you can't rent it simply because of the bathroom then maybe reassess the situation. (Agents should have better sense than yours has shown).... Read More