Company let termination, arrears and 3 week deposit not protected?

Company let termination, arrears and 3 week deposit not protected?

8:46 AM, 16th October 2018, About 3 years ago 2

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Hi I’m a fairly new landlord would like to ask for some advice please. I rented my flat to a company (they do short lets to tourists and guarantee me a rent each month), but their tenants are causing a lot of trouble to neighbours, noises etc.

Therefore, I have to terminate the tenancy early, they agreed, but decided not to pay last months rent, asked me to take the money from deposit. Our agreement was a company let, so I have not put the deposit in a gov scheme as it’s not required, the agreement states that they need to pay rent till last date.

Rent is 7 days overdue now, I guess I’ve been wrong to accept only 3 weeks deposit at the beginning too.

Can someone advise what I could do?

Can I claim it using the gov portal online? I’d like to hire a lawyer but the cost is probably going be higher than my rent!

Any ideas welcome, thank you very much.



by Neil Patterson

8:58 AM, 16th October 2018, About 3 years ago

Hi Al,

You would appear to have entered into a commercial contract and not created an AST. Therefore, not protecting the deposit is not the issue in this case. It may be worse case scenario you are left with 1 week arrears, which while worth chasing you need to make a commercial and hassle decision on whether you take it further.

by Amy Lo

9:04 AM, 16th October 2018, About 3 years ago

He'll leave me with zero deposit even if I forget about the one week rent. So I'm worried about the place being trashed when check out, what right do I have now, can I submit a money claim online? Get a lawyer to write them a letter?
What annoy me most is that refuse to pay, not that they can't afford it or need an extension. And refuses to answer my calls, emails since then.
If I Google these things they're all relate to AST, so not sure what's the next thing I can do in my case. Surely they cannot get away with this right? Their guests are still staying at my place till month end..

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