Changing landlords and statutory periodic tenancy

Changing landlords and statutory periodic tenancy

12:06 PM, 28th November 2014, About 9 years ago 1

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Dear all,

A short introduction to my problem: Changing landlords and statutory periodic tenancy

I have rented a flat since July 1, 2013 on a 12 month agreement. At month 11, the owner was unable to pay his debts and my flat was temporarily managed by another company. Since my tenancy agreement was up, I asked them what to do and they replied:

“With regard your current tenancy, please do not worry the contract will roll onto a statutory periodic term and the rent will be due on the 1st of each month (as existing) and the rental demand will remain X p c m (as existing)”.

After a few weeks, the original owner was back in charge (probably because he found a way to manage his debts).

Now, 5 months after my original contract ended, I get an email from a letting agency with this message:

As your current contract has expired the landlord has asked us to contact you to renew the agreement. There will be an increase of £10pw. We will post out the new contract early next week

Do I need to sign this contract?

Since I am not planning on staying much longer in this flat (a few months only), I don’ want a new contract that binds me to the flat.

And what about the increase in price?


Bram Miserez

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Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118

12:13 PM, 28th November 2014, About 9 years ago

Hi Bram

My suggested response to the agent follows .......

Dear Sirs

Thank you your letter dated [insert date] and for the offer to enter into a new contract with me. However, I do not plan to stay for much longer, just a few months, so tying myself into a new agreement is not something that suits me. Accordingly, I must respectfully decline your offer.

I have taken advice and I understand that you are in a position to serve me with a section 21 notice which effectively gives me to months notice of your requirement for possession. Thereafter, that you will need to obtain a possession order.

I intend to pay my existing rent but also understand that you are able to increase the rent subject to providing me with two months notice based on issuing a section 13 notice.

If I find somewhere sooner I will of course provide the required notice to you.

Yours faithfully

[insert your name and date]

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