Buy to Let Deals in Northampton

Buy to Let Deals in Northampton

9:25 AM, 27th November 2012, About 12 years ago

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What’s so special about Buy to Let deals in Northampton you might ask.

Decent buy to let deals in Northampton are typically priced between £70,000 and £125,000, offering sensible yields of 6% to 10% and good properties are in constant high demand from tenants.

A few years ago my family decided to spread our risks as all of our properties were in Norfolk. There are very few large employers here and our worry was that if one of them pulled out the market could collapse. We were feeling slightly exposed and felt the need to explore other areas. At that time we researched a number of property hotspots and Northampton appeared on our radar as a place to pick up buy to let deals at decent prices and decent yields.

I spoke to several letting agents including a Belvoir franchisee called Richard Baker who really impressed me by providing excellent insight into the area. I also signed up for his property alerts as he occasionally comes across another landlord who is selling up or properties which are going cheap and would make ideal buy to let investments.

Richard doesn’t bombard us with deals but he does send over a few every month with an explanation of why he would like his clients to buy them and rent them though his agency.

As my family have come to the end of our buying days (explained here) I have asked Richard whether he would mind me mentioning his free property alerts service to my readers. As I suspected he was absolutely delighted with that offer and will be very pleased to hear from you if you would like to be added to his list. You can obviously unsubscribe at any time.

Richard is not an Estate Agent, his primary motive for recommending properties to landlords is to grow his property management business.

Richard’s Property Alerts are different to the junk-mail I often receive, first and foremost I actually subscribed to them and I’ve stayed subscribed for several years now.

As a Letting Agent, Richard wants a stress free life just as much as landlords he looks after. Richard’s email Property Alerts explain why the properties he recommends should provide that.

Estate agents don’t have ongoing hassle of dealing with tenants if they talk you into buying one of their properties which ends up needing constant maintenance or is in the wrong area. Good incentive for Richard to recommend only the best then 🙂

Richard has built quite a reputation and grown his Belvoir Letting Agency Franchise nicely using this business model.

What I like most about Richard’s Property Alert emails though is that he explains why he’s recommending a certain property as opposed to the usual sales blurb focussing only on price.

If you would like to find out more about Richards Property Alerts for buy to let deals in Northampton, all you need to do is complete the boxes below and press the submit button. We will then connect you to Richard’s private blog where you will be able to see examples of what others have purchased in recent months. We will also forward your contact details over to Richard so that he can add you to his list and make initial contact to discuss your requirements and how his services work in a bit more detail.

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