Buy to Let commuter city investment

Buy to Let commuter city investment

11:20 AM, 9th February 2017, About 7 years ago

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Broadway GardensLloyd’s Bank recently reported that an hour-long commute to central London will save on average £380,000 in house prices, even taking rail fare into account.

Coming up with an almighty deposit for London property has always been a more than arduous task. However, it’s now not only a big ask, but a huge risk.

House prices have increased in the capital rapidly in previous years and have always proven to be a worthy investment due to strong growth, but multiple factors including the EU referendum and changes to stamp duty legislation have created a ‘reverse ripple-effect’ which has seen property values stagnate at best.

Year-on-year, house prices across the city have fallen on average 6.7%, with certain districts experiencing a 10-13% loss. As such, trends show movement away from the London and increasing demand for commuter cities such as Peterborough.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire is now widely considered a perfect commuter city. Even before high-speed rail plans come to fruition (which are set to have a major effect on property value), it’s only a 50 minute commute to central London and has strong transport links to other major UK cities. As such, the city is proving immensely popular with investors and homeowners alike, with property .

Broadway Gardens

Broadway Gardens is a perfect buy-to-let opportunity: contemporary styled, high-specification properties in the heart of Peterborough. Innovatively conceptualised, the property features vertical gardens along the exterior walls of a historic Peterborough theatre.

Sold direct from the developer, the opportunity also features a market-leading payment plan meaning minimal payments for 24 months and, for a limited time only,  a no-lump-sum deposit starting from as little as £5,195.

Broadway Gardens Investment Highlights:

  • Incredible payment plan, with only £5,195 upfront required
  • (available for a limited time only)
  • One-beds starting at £139,995
  • Two-beds starting at £171,995
  • 5% average yield
  • 5 year rental assurance
  • 50 minute commute to central London
  • Direct from the developer

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