Best boroughs for student rental demand

Best boroughs for student rental demand

7:14 AM, 22nd September 2020, About 3 years ago 1

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Benham and Reeves, has revealed the best boroughs for student rental demand, despite predictions of a rental market decline due to a lower level of students heading to the capital. London’s higher education providers accommodate 16% of the UK’s university students each year, and as many as 32% of the capital’s students come from overseas.

The average London student pays £702 a month in rent, meaning those on a three-year course will pay out £8,424 a year, totalling more than £25,000 throughout their course.

This means the capital’s student body brings in nearly £271m to London’s rental market in rent each month, with international students accounting for £85.6m of it.

However, with COVID-19 causing travel restrictions and broader health implications for universities, it’s predicted that the number of students heading to London this term will drop by as much as -24%.

That’s a loss of over £65m a month for the London student rental sector, but despite this prediction, many areas of London are still experiencing extremely high levels of demand for student accommodation, something that will be welcome news to student landlords across the capital.

According to the research by Benham and Reeves, the number of student-specific rental properties that have already been snapped up by students sits at 22% of all student-specific properties listed on the rental market.

However, in Merton, this ratio is far higher, with 80% of all student accommodation already let agreed.

Bromley (75%), Bexley (61%), Barking and Dagenham (60%), Hounslow (53%), Harrow (53%) and Redbridge (50%) are also seeing high levels of current student demand for rental properties.

Even in more expensive markets such as Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington and Camden, student rental demand is sitting at 19% to 25%.

Director of Benham and Reeves, Marc von Grundherr, commented: “There is currently an evident decline in the level of rental demand from students than we might otherwise expect at this time of year. This has, of course, been driven by a lower number of international students looking for properties due to the travel restrictions and other hurdles that the current pandemic has presented.

“However, while predictions of student rental market losses are rather eye-watering, to say the least, we don’t believe this will be an issue that plagues the market for long.

“Many current students are beginning their studies in a virtual capacity until such time they can make a move to London, and once they do, we should see a further influx of demand for suitable student lets.

“University is very much about the life experience you gain from actually moving to a new city or country. With London still offering some of the best standards of higher education you can find worldwide it’s unlikely students will refrain from this first-hand experience unless absolutely necessary.

“Like many areas of life this year, we may see a slow start to the university year. But as life develops to deal with COVID-19, greater degrees of normality will prevail, and this is no different in the rental market student or otherwise.

“The very promising signs are that currently, many boroughs are experiencing massive demand for student rental properties, and this bodes very well for the academic year ahead. Foreign student demand, in particular, can bring very favourable levels of rent for buy-to-let landlords. We regularly have students from China and other areas of Asia renting at well above the average in their chosen areas to ensure they secure the best property they can while studying.”

Description Data Point Source or Workings
Number of UK higher education students 2,383,970 London Higher
Number of students studying at 39 HE providers in London 386,000 London Higher
London Students as a Percentage of UK total 16%  
Number of overseas students (Other EU and Non-EU) in London 122,000 London Higher
Percentage of International Students in relation to London total 32% Overseas student total as a percentage of all London students
Average monthly London student rent £702 Save the Student
Total rent paid by all students each month £270,972,000 Monthly rent multiplied by the number of London students
Total rent paid by international students each month £85,644,000 Monthly rent multiplied by the number of international students
Expected Covid-19 drop in student numbers 24% KCL
Forecast number of total students after drop 293,360 Total number of London students reduced by 24%
Forecast number of international students after drop 92,720 Based on international students accounting for 32% of total students
Decline in monthly student rental income as a result of drop -£65,033,280 Total Rental income reduced by 24%
Decline in monthly international student rental income as a result of drop -£20,554,560 Based on international students accounting for 32% of total students


Table shows the level of student rental properties already let as a percentage of total student properties listed.
Location Current Demand for Student Rentals
Merton 80%
Bromley 75%
Bexley 61%
Barking and Dagenham 60%
Hounslow 53%
Harrow 53%
Redbridge 50%
Waltham Forest 44%
Greenwich 42%
Kingston upon Thames 37%
Lewisham 34%
Wandsworth 34%
Sutton 33%
Croydon 31%
Richmond upon Thames 28%
Haringey 27%
Hammersmith and Fulham 25%
Ealing 25%
Islington 23%
Brent 22%
Southwark 21%
Hackney 21%
Newham 20%
Hillingdon 20%
Camden 19%
Lambeth 18%
City of London 18%
Barnet 15%
Tower Hamlets 13%
Kensington and Chelsea 11%
Westminster 10%
Enfield 0%
Havering 0%
London 22%
Source: Rightmove

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21:41 PM, 26th September 2020, About 3 years ago

Although not London my kids up at at Birmingham Uni, on his second year, the course he is doing is looking like effectively all online with face-to-face contact once per week....what with all the restrictions preventing them from living the uni life I can see him moving back home before Christmas....wonder how that negotiation is gonna go with his LL, for sake of his student debt he may consider refusing to pay, will save him a fortune.

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