Are you bold enough to show me yours?

Are you bold enough to show me yours?

0:36 AM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago 7

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We are all feeling the effects of Section 24 and there is definitely some comfort in sharing the warmth and knowing you are not alone. I am always interested to hear stories of how much things have changed for our clients over the last few years and more latterly this has obviously centred largely around the punitive taxation that landlords are suffering.

I am looking for brave (or fed up with being vilified) landlords who would be happy to share an idea of how much their tax bill has increased over the last 3 years due to Section 24 and increasing interest rates.

I’d like to develop a sense of quite how crippling the taxation burden has become for our Property118 community. I’d like our journalism team to be able to share some case studies (anonymous if preferred), hard data or even just snippets from your comments of how much you have seen your tax bill rise and income drop because of Section 24.

Please share the love this Valentine’s and show me yours….. tax return increases!

Please use the comments section below, or for those of you who prefer to be private you may email directly

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Ross Tulloch

11:18 AM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago

We were somewhat perplexed about this war on the rented sector, landlords and tenants, because you don’t attack one without affecting the other. We now have sold three of our 10 properties evicting 12 people to pay off mortgages


11:27 AM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago

I have now sold off all my properties except 1, which my son lives in 7 in total, and will not now re-enter the property market as I am too old. Well done the government!!! I managed to do this without making anyone homeless.

Guy Bradley

12:00 PM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago

Over the past seven years we have sold off all bar one of our buy to let investment properties (circa 25). It was clear the direction of travel of George Osborne/Conservatives and the wider mainstream media (i.e. all landlords were scum, all tenants were put-upon and receiving a bad deal!) plus unnecessary landlord licensing, additional onerous regulations, planned EPC/Section 21 restrictions etc thereby reducing open market options for tenants. Crazy! Pivoted into commercial property (partic. industrial units) and have not looked back.
Feel very sorry for good tenants now who we always looked after and worked with.

Paul Booker

12:52 PM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago

Over the last few years, I have been upgrading kitchens and bathrooms in our properties, sadly with regret are now about to start selling them off I have two tenants for over 20 years!. Surely it’s time to revise Section 24,


14:46 PM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago

Go back to the Thatcher years, buy your Council House etc., etc.. Climb onto the Golden Ladder of property ownership, pay mortgage not dead rent etc., etc.
Councils raked in lots of money but I must be a plank, I can't recall how they spent their money? Did they build more houses for rent or mend potholes (potholes have beards round West Sussex) or improve their existing estate or invent the diversity officer and pay it as much as an MP??
Funny old world, own a property, hear the screams 'we want a house please be an angel', answer that plea, immediately, you are evil and vile? Lost the will to do good?
I wonder why I am losing my mojo at pushing 80?

Jack Craven

16:50 PM, 14th February 2023, About A year ago

I'm pleased to say that my tax bill has gone down quite a lot, due to the hike in interest rates.

northern landlord

14:08 PM, 15th February 2023, About A year ago

I am lucky in that I have never had a mortgage to buy rental property I used savings and accrued rent. I did years ago mortgage my own house to finance a rental property purchase but got rid of that as soon as I could. With the genuine worry about interest rates and tax reliefs we seem to have forgotten the reform bill that will ban section 21 and not enable you to sell your own house without going to court to justify the sale (it seems selling up is not going to be a mandatory ground and you will have to justify the sale - presumably I want the money might not be a good enough reason- who knows?). This coupled with the changing EPC regulations and the prospect of what Labour will do to us if (when) they get in is what worries me.

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