Another flat’s washing machine draining into my shower?

Another flat’s washing machine draining into my shower?

10:11 AM, 2nd October 2019, About 3 years ago 2

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I have a flat which is leasehold in a block. The management company run block issues. I’ve got an issue where someone else’s washing machine waste is draining into my bathroom via my shower drain.

They got a plumber in who says the drains aren’t blocked and the pipes have been laid incorrectly causing this. The management company refuse to get involved.

Any advice ?

Insurance will cover, but it’s the whole hassle of contacting all tenants to work out whose drainage is connecting to mine etc.

Many thanks



Thomas Whitfield

11:24 AM, 2nd October 2019, About 3 years ago

Just block it up it its your drain!


8:38 AM, 3rd October 2019, About 3 years ago

Interesting I guess your toilet and other pipes drain into the communal drains and these drains/pipes pass through your demise. So whats the problem

I fairly sure your lease will say that drains that are shared are communal so if you have any problems with this shared drain its the management and SC issue not yours !

You can't block it up as its a shared drain you don't own shared services. `you only own wiring plumbing that solely serves you

if you think the washing machine was connected by the lessee recently then thats different as presumably before the connection that waste only served your demise/bath

Do you get back flooding as the bath trap is obviously low If you do then the managing agents need to deal with the whole issue and determine if your neighbors connection wasn't approved etc

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