A Pleasant Surprise!

by Readers Question

14:32 PM, 27th August 2019
About A year ago

A Pleasant Surprise!

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A Pleasant Surprise!

Over the Bank Holiday I visited a house which had no hot water. Everyone was on holiday and I have this weird idea I know something about no hot water! Before I got into the car, I knew exactly what it would be. I was right.

When I arrived I looked and said “you have put your Central Heating down to nil!”

“Yes”, she said. ”It is too hot! The Weather that is!”

“Your Hot Water is heated as a bi product of the central heating. If you turn it off then you will have no hot water.”

She said “I have just turned it down to zero but not off.”

“Well either way you have no hot water. I will turn your Central Heating Off and put on Hot Water only.” Also, I showed her where the immersion heater was located. “Surely, the Agent showed you this?”

“Yes, but I have forgotten.”
“When is your baby due?”
“In three days.”
“Well I hope all goes well with the birth.”
“Thank you.”
“Where is your husband?”
“This is 2019 she told me.” She was right. I live in the past.
“I have not got one she said. I am to be a Single Mum. I am on maternity leave.”
“How long have you been with us?”
“About three months”, she said.
“You must have been expecting when the tenancy started.”
“Yes, I was. Is that a problem?”
“Not to me.”
“Is the colour of my skin a problem?”
“Not to me!”
“I am Black” she said.
“I had noticed.”
“It has been a problem with other Landlords and Agents!”
“I am sorry to hear that.”

The reason I relate this is, because about a year or so ago the Media ran a story that I had evicted four single mothers who were expecting. No one was evicted. None of the four were expecting. None were single mums.

Yet the story appeared worldwide. In New Zealand I noticed it was reported they were pregnant. It is Chinese Whispers. Everyone adds a little bit! You cannot believe everything you read in newspapers!

Fergus Wilson


Monty Bodkin

17:54 PM, 27th August 2019
About A year ago

Nice to hear you still don't mind getting your hands dirty Fergus.

But I can't help thinking you're going wrong somewhere.

I'd have been on the blower to my good mate plumber of many years and one of his blokes would have been straight round and sorted it without me getting off my sun lounger. On a bank holiday, with no charge for something trivial like that.

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