15 months to pay out on Housing Benefit

by Readers Question

8:30 AM, 21st June 2019
About A year ago

15 months to pay out on Housing Benefit

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15 months to pay out on Housing Benefit

I took a tenant and wife who were good payers. The man was arrested and received a custodial sentence! Why I do not know!

The lady was to be paid by Housing Benefit.

At the end of the day the money was paid. No arguments, no problems, just a heavy workload. We will get it done as soon as we can. It is quite straight forward.

The Council lost the lady her home! However, had the Council paid out earlier then it would have saved the lady’s home.

These do gooders such as Shelter need to get into the real world. It is the delay in the delivery of Housing Benefit that causes the problem. This was not a Couple Claiming HB to start with.

Fergus Wilson

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Mick Roberts

7:40 AM, 22nd June 2019
About A year ago

That's exactly it. We want to take the people. It is the system we can not take, much MUCH more so with Universal Credit.

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