TONIGHT: Struggling to find property deals?

TONIGHT: Struggling to find property deals?

11:58 AM, 30th March 2022, About 2 years ago

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Live online TONIGHT (Thursday 31st May) at 8pm! Brand new training all about how you can find better property deals in your area.

If you are struggling to find great deals, or don’t know what to look for, or just want to find even better deals, then you really need to join this live training tonight, to find out how you can beat all the competition without having to get into bidding wars.

Tonight you will learn about some of the ways of finding very profitable property deals which are “off market”.

This means that there is hardly any competition and so you can secure them at a much better price. This could save you tens of thousands of pounds off every purchase you make, especially if you work with motivated sellers.

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This brand new training TONIGHT is live at 8pm with Simon Zutshi, who is the Author of the Amazon No 1 Property best seller “Property Magic” and has been teaching investors just like you, to do this for almost two decades. This training will open your mind to a whole new world of buying property below market value, even in a booming market.

On this brand new, live online training you will learn:

  • 20 different strategies to find great property deals in your area
  • How to save yourself hours of time looking for deals
  • Why you should be looking for “off market” properties
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes made by most amateur investors
  • How to avoid getting in bidding wars with other investors
  • How to save thousands of pounds off every deal you buy

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