The easiest and hardest places to sell a house in the UK revealed

The easiest and hardest places to sell a house in the UK revealed

10:16 AM, 2nd December 2015, About 7 years ago 2

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The hardest place to sell a house is London’s W postcode, according to new research which has examined 8,500 house sales.easy or hard

The London postcode includes the exclusive districts of Mayfair and Kensington where the average price of a house exceeds £3m.

London homes require an average of 20 viewings, while vendors in Wembley and Ilford complete the bottom three on 22 and 23 viewings respectively, according to online estate agent House Network.

The study found that 6 out of 10 slowest selling postcodes were within the M25 and the capital is responsible for all three areas found to be the hardest to sell a property in.

In comparison, homes in the North of England require an average of just 11 viewings per sale.

A spokesperson for Discount Landlord said: “This research gives a clear indication as to where landlords who are looking to add to their property portfolio can quickly do so. Landlords must remember that each new property they buy needs to be insured with specialist landlord insurance.”

With houses viewed just six times before they are bought, Carlisle is the easiest place to sell a home in the UK. Vendors in Glasgow, Wrexham and Perth are not far behind with all averaging seven viewings.

Top 10 fastest selling areas (average viewings per sale)
1. Carlisle 6
2. Glasgow 7
3. Middlesboro 7
4. Perth 7
5. Torquay 7
6. Wrexham 7
7. Darlington 8
8. Doncaster 8
9. Dorchester 8
10. Hull 8

Top 10 slowest selling areas (average viewings per sale)
1. Ilford 23
2. Wembley 22
3. West London (W postcode) 20
4. Dumfries 19
5. Southall 18
6. Sutton 17
7. Twickenham 16
8. Iver 16
9. North London (N postcode) 16
10. Croydon 16

The above figures are from House Network click here


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14:33 PM, 2nd December 2015, About 7 years ago


We are told there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

There is clearly a leap in this article that I have been unable to make. Why are places which receive the least viewings considered to be the "fastest selling areas" and those receiving the most the "slowest".

If I am selling a property I am much happier and more confident of a fast sale at asking price from 20 viewings than 3.

Surely the measurement in question should be how long it takes to sell. The number of viewings I would simply consider to be an indication of the strength of the market.

Michael Barnes

14:45 PM, 3rd December 2015, About 7 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mike McDonagh" at "02/12/2015 - 14:33":


In London you might get 20 viewings in a couple of days.

Out here in the sticks I have had 3 vewings in 5 weeks.
I just hope I am in a fast selling area and my buyer is just around the corner (but I suppose that could take another couple of months).

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