Tenants causing condensation and won’t clean flat before leaving

Tenants causing condensation and won’t clean flat before leaving

9:15 AM, 15th March 2016, About 6 years ago 11

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I was told by my tenants a couple of years ago that their ground floor flat had damp. After viewing it I informed them that it was condensation and showed them that if they wiped it down with neat Domestos it would go away, I also told them having to heat and ventilate the property. clean

Just before Christmas they called me in to repair the bathroom door and while I was there they pointed out that several walls, floor to ceiling were black and there was water running down the windows. I again told them that this was condensation caused by there lifestyle ie drying clothes on radiators, boiling pans of water, not putting the heating on enough, not opening windows etc.

They insisted they did heat and ventilate the place properly. As a gesture of good will I installed a Nuaire Flatmaster 2000 Ventilation System for them. This has worked as the windows are now dry but the walls are still black and the tenants are refusing to clean them. As a result of the condensation the flat needs to be fully decorated and all the blinds need to be replaced (approx. £1000).

The flat is a modern 1975 build with double glazing. The tenants have now handed their notice in but as they wont clean the flat how can I show prospective tenants round. Has anyone else come across this

Just to point out, I haven’t had any previous problems with this property apart from a little condensation in the small bedroom which just wiped off.



by money manager

18:54 PM, 19th March 2016, About 6 years ago

Our AST clearly srates that the ventialtion system should be allowed to run permanently and boost used whilst cooking or showering/bath use. Any consequential humidity related damage is charged for, it's never been neccessary.

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