Tenant eviction ban is bad news for All

by Ranjan Bhattacharya

16:06 PM, 27th August 2020
About 8 months ago

Tenant eviction ban is bad news for All

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Tenant eviction ban is bad news for All

In this video below, I share my view on why the Government’s extension of the tenant eviction ban is bad news for both landlords and tenants.

I also share with you the Australian model for tenancy law and why it’s better.

We seem to be a fan of importing the Australian points-based immigration system.

Perhaps we should import and adopt their tenancy laws too?


Ian Narbeth

10:17 AM, 2nd September 2020
About 8 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Carol at 28/08/2020 - 14:40Hi Carol, sorry to hear your plight. FWIW tell your MP and after you have evicted all your tenants email them (including the bastard) to explain why his actions and the Government's stupidity has lost them their home. 30 people must lose their homes because one **** (fill in your own expletive) can be protected.

Ian Narbeth

10:28 AM, 2nd September 2020
About 8 months ago

The Australian system sounds great. There are still problems with tenants damaging properties and leaving them in a filthy state but at least landlords don't face months of arrears. Unfortunately, the British system has the legacy of Rachman and the modern day beds in sheds merchants. Australia is warm and dry so damp and rot and mould are not such an issue since a failure to maintain does not quickly lead to health hazards. Australia also has an abundance of land for building. In the UK the housing rental market is a sort of musical chairs with not enough to go round. Politicians try to put off the problem by over-protecting tenants, as they are now doing in spades. It will not end well.


10:30 AM, 3rd September 2020
About 8 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Ian Narbeth at 02/09/2020 - 10:17
I told my MP for where i was living at the time, however, because i mentioned that i was homeless because the tenant had not moved out, He refused to deal with me. Told me to go back to the Mp for where i last had permanent residence which was some time ago, It also appears that an Mp does not even have to reply or address your problem as a result of an earlier ruling by our wonderful courts,

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