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9:37 AM, 7th July 2021, About 3 weeks ago

If you own a second or holiday home Wales is coming for you

Just the thing to kill the tourism that the Welsh economy depends on.... Read More


12:34 PM, 7th June 2021, About 2 months ago

Council declares war on Landlords while stealing housing from them

Landlords now have very few rights. Landlords cannot control tenants behaviour and now it is very difficult and costly to evict a tenant that is causing ASB. Police will rarely intervene and it is very difficult to prove in court, if you ever get that far.

No sane landlord would knowingly take a tenant that would cause ASB and devalue their property.

What has happened to landlords rights to run a business in a professional way?... Read More


15:04 PM, 1st June 2021, About 2 months ago

Shelter warnings over eviction ban ending

I have recently read many articles where government and other organisations appear to be denying the impact that government legislation and policies is having an impact on the PRS.

This is how after many years as a landlord I am seeing it on the ground.

In the past month I have had tenants leave a 2 bed house of their own accord. When I advertised for rent I had over 80 viewing requests within 4 days. About 25% gave the reason for leaving their current property was the landlord selling. About 50% were on benefits and insufficient income to pass an affordability test (even though the rent was well above housing benefits rate). A good few pulled out after being told they needed a clean credit history to apply. I finally rented after 2 failed reference attempts, where the prospective tenants said they didn't know they had CCJ's. One where the guarantor they put forward had CCJ's. Some were verbally abusive saying I couldn't refuse them because they were on benefits (I never gave this as a reason).

It is an absolute minefield for a landlord trying to avoid getting a bad tenant that becomes impossible to remove. Was beginning to wish I had sold instead!... Read More


16:45 PM, 8th March 2021, About 5 months ago

Government's so-called protection is damaging decent tenants' prospects

I am selling up too as and when properties become vacant. Not worth the risk. Being a landlord is hard work without all the stress of wondering what the government will hit us next with. 25+ tenants will be looking for a new home.... Read More


10:30 AM, 2nd March 2021, About 5 months ago

Sentiment in the private rented sector is largely positive despite challenges

I am in the process of putting yet another property up for sale. The risks and stresses of letting out property are now too high. Costs are rising and profit squeezed. This last year I have faced non payment of rent, a tenant turning a flat into a drugs den, illegal sub-letting, physical and verbal abuse, etc. All the NRLA can advise is issue a section 21 - for now 6 months. Articles like this just add fuel to the government and councils that they can continue to take away the rights of landlords and strip them of their assets and that the landlords are OK with that. Why would I risk my lifetime savings on assets that I no longer can protect?... Read More