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Landlords and Tenancy Deposit Schemes – A rocky relationship? Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

With the tenancy deposit protection changes coming into force overnight, research by digital inventory platform Imfuna has found 0% of landlords questioned felt deposit protection schemes are designed in favour of landlords.

Over half of those questioned, 54%, believed they are designed to favour the tenant. Letting agents appeared to agree, 52% had tenants being favoured. Continue reading Landlords and Tenancy Deposit Schemes – A rocky relationship?

Pointless Buy to Let Survey Offers Nothing Buy to Let News, Latest Articles

The latest pointless buy to let survey has hit the news feeds with the headline finding that broker buy to let mortgage applications are up 3.1% during the three months ending September 30.

The problem is the figure is meaningless as the Paragon Mortgages survey gives no idea of the number of brokers taking part in the survey or any hard numbers about buy to let mortgage applications.

This survey is a typical example of a meaningless sentiment survey that is only aimed at garnering column inches to publicise the research sponsor. Continue reading Pointless Buy to Let Survey Offers Nothing

Auction Sales Rise as Housing Market Falters Latest Articles, Property Auctions, Property Investment Strategies

The number of homes changing ownership is to continuing to fall according to analysis by an auction sales monitor.

Residential property transactions have steadily decreased against those in the corresponding quarter for almost a year.

The Essential Information Group (EIG) took Land Registry figures for quarterly property transactions back to the third quarter of 2009 and compared the figures for 12 months later to produce the results in the graph below.

Source: Essential Information Group (EIG)

The blue bars represent transactions over the past four quarters, while the red bars show those for the same quarter a year earlier.

Land Registry transactions not only include home sales, but those gifted, transferred for no cash or inherited in England and Wales.

“Year-on-year residential sales are up by nearly 12% which contrasts the recent declines in sales recorded at Land Registry,” said David Sandeman, EIG’s managing director.

“In each of the past three quarters a decrease in the number of residential transactions is evident when compared with the previous corresponding quarter.”

While the overall number of property transactions shows a decreasing trend, the number of properties selling at auction is moving the opposite way.

In August – a traditionally quiet month for auctions – 352 homes were sold to the highest bidder for a total for £32.27 million, compared with 203 homes for £20.76 million 12 months ago.

EIG explains this is the fifth month in a row auction sales have improved year-on-year.

“ August is a quiet month in the auction calendar, with only 47 auctions held as opposed to the average of 120. However recent trends show that August’s figures are indicative of how the auction market is faring,” said Sandeman.

The number of August auction sales shows a 12 per cent year-on-year increase in residential sales.

London rents soar to double the UK average Latest Articles, Property Market News

magnifying glass on a graph

London rents are miles higher than anywhere else

London landlords are picking up rents that are double the average for the rest of the country.

The capital is streets ahead of the rest in terms of rental costs – with average rents of £1,372 per month compared with an average £688 elsewhere. Continue reading London rents soar to double the UK average

The rise and rise of buy to let in figures Buy to Let News, Latest Articles

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As buying goes down buy to let is up

The rise of buy to let as a major social phenomenon for households is reflected in the latest housing survey figures for England.

The data, for 2009-10 from the Communities and Local Government Department (CLG) reveals a major shift in the housing sector away from owner-occupied homes. Continue reading The rise and rise of buy to let in figures

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