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I have great tenants, but I have left a painful conversation overdue, any tips? Advice, Landlord News, Latest Articles

Hello, I am small-scale landlord, with 3 long-held properties that give me a steady income. I treat my tenants well, and vice versa; they average 5-8 years, and I value their decency hugely.

I am not overleveraged, and although I do have mortgages I don’t have the bandwidth to chase every efficiency. I also don’t want to chase top dollar, as I know my current tenants are excellent.

But costs have gone up, and I do need to raise the rent.

I am not wanting to land a bombshell, they are really nice people who I want to retain as tenants.

Any suggestions on how to go about this?

Phone up to pre-empt? Drop it firmly in writing, then phone?

I guess I am not looking for the ‘you shouldn’t have let it run so long’ feedback. But any learnings on ways to soften the blow, or sweeten the pill?


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