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Guide To Buying Property At AuctionThis auction news update looks back at auction activity in January and preceding periods.

Lots offered and sold were both slightly down on January 2012 (2% and 8% respectively), but the amount raised increased by 8% to £33.5m.

With January being a relatively quiet month in the auction calendar one cannot draw many conclusions from the monthly figures, instead it is perhaps more beneficial to look at the rolling quarterly and yearly figures for a more accurate analysis of the market. These actually show positive growth, with sizeable gains made in lots offered, lots sold and total raised. Continue reading Auction News update from EIG

Jonathan Ambrose of thePropertyBid.com London GOOD Landlords Campaign Sponsors

The GOOD Landlords CampaignJonathan Ambrose of thePropertyBid.com London

thePropertyBid.com is an award winning property auction service with a difference for landlords, letting agents and potential tenants.

Available residential properties are uploaded and bids are made on how much rent can be afforded. At the end of the auction a one-off commission is paid by both parties and that’s it!

Plus, at no extra cost, we even reference check potential tenants before they are allowed to use the service, thus saving you time and resources. Continue reading Jonathan Ambrose of thePropertyBid.com London

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Rental Gazumping in LondonThat ‘G’ word is back in town! Yes, boys and girls, Rental Gazumping in London is here and knocking on the front door of every potential tenant!

The former and current scourge of the property sales has transgressed over to the private lettings sector and is showing no sign of leaving.

Such is the massive demand for residential accommodation, private tenants have resorted to the tactic of increasing their offer above their fellow property pursuers. Continue reading Rental Gazumping in London

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