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‘Rescue Schemes’ Closed Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property Market News

Nine Leeds-based companies have been shutdown after they preyed on investors already duped by landbanking scams.

Each company claimed to be able to return some of the money lost on specific plots of land and investors bought shares. They were found to receive no influence in return; instead the money was used to pay salaries, leaving the company with no means of succeeding in its aims. Continue reading ‘Rescue Schemes’ Closed

Directors banned for £3 million landbanking con Latest Articles, Property Market News

Handshake over house drawingThree landbanking scammers were disqualified as directors after they sold worthless farm plots at hugely inflated prices with the fake promise of planning permission

They traded as directors company Land Strategy, which went in to liquidation in July 2009 owing £78,900.

Kevin Hilton of Crosby, Merseyside, Lynne Hilton of Burscough, Lancashire and Darren Butt of London were disqualified from managing or being a company director for 12, three and a half and 12 years respectively. Continue reading Directors banned for £3 million landbanking con

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