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Regular readers will know that I am a working Tenancy Relations Officer dealing with harassment and illegal eviction cases and also a freelance trainer of housing staff, delivering housing law courses and communication skills such as conflict management.

I was recently training a group of housing staff in Dorset who told me that the worst case of harassment they had encountered was a landlord who cut off somebody’s electricity because they owed him rent. To be honest, working where I do I wouldn’t even consider that one a priority.

I am currently working on a case that is sucking days and days out of my working life and will to live. I thought you might be as amused and exasperated to hear of it as I am to work on it, plus it gives you an idea of the sort of things that are going on out there in PRS world. Believe it or not, this kind of thing isn’t even unusual for TROs. Continue reading Tales from the Frontline

Don’t Shoot the Messenger #7 – When a Tenant Takes on a New Partner Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Don't Shoot The Messenger, Guest Columns, Lettings & Management

When a tenant has a beef with their landlord, I’m the guy they go to. My job is to either negotiate or prosecute, depending on the circumstances. This occasional and random series aims to let landlords know the common complaints that are made about them, the laws that cover them and how to deal with them.

My landlord is complaining that I have moved my boyfriend in and wants more money.

Tada!!!!! The perennial old favourite. Know this one? Continue reading Don’t Shoot the Messenger #7 – When a Tenant Takes on a New Partner

Amnesty For Tenancy Cheats Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Property Market News

Tenant Eviction Cartoon

A2Dominion have launched a 'tenancy cheat' amnesty

Illegal sub-letters have been given until July by A2Dominion Housing Group to hand over their keys in an amnesty announced today.

The ‘tenancy cheats’ have been compounding the problem that has been denying families who need homes the chance to move into an appropriate property.

Those who don’t comply by the end of the amnesty will lose their tenancy or even their right to social housing. Continue reading Amnesty For Tenancy Cheats

3 Dangerous Types of Tenant – Part 2: Illegal Subletting Guest Articles, Latest Articles

Photo Paul Shamplina

Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action

Over the last couple of years, the problem of unauthorised subletting has been growing. From last year alone, our instructions relating to unauthorised subletting have increased by around 15%.

An unauthorised sublet is when a tenant re-lets a property to another tenant without the prior permission of the landlord. It can affect all types of landlords. However, overseas landlords and HMO landlords are particularly vulnerable. Continue reading 3 Dangerous Types of Tenant – Part 2: Illegal Subletting

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