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A landlord who came out and told BBC’s The One Show of her troublesome tenant has now had further problems. 

Broadcast on 2nd May, the landlord Mrs Trivedy was featured on the show in an item about rent-arrears and the difficulties landlords are having with tenants on benefit who are not passing on the rent.

Mrs Trivedy was shown getting the help of Landlord Action when her social tenants stopped passing on their housing benefit yet refused to vacate the property, leaving her £4400 in rental arrears. After the case was broadcast on the BBC, the tenants moved on which may have been a good result.

But the tenants left with much of the landlord’s furniture. And they have wrecked the home. Mrs Trivedy says “Wear and tear in a rental property is inevitable but what I was faced with, even given the tenants previous behaviour, was completely unnecessary. Not only is there damage to every room, they have stolen two sofas, a wardrobe, a chest of draws, a fridge-freezer, curtain poles as well as numerous smaller items. What remains was a complete mess and totally unliveable.”

The Condition of Schedule following the tenants’ departure describes the property as in poor condition with damage, missing items and a lack of cleanliness reported in every room, in addition to the garden being littered with dog mess.  Mrs Trivedy says she has made a statement to the police in regards to the missing items but was advised that it was unlikely to be taken much further as there are varying degrees of theft and it is her word against the tenants.

Mrs Trivedy says “I am obviously thrilled to have regained possession following the notice served by Landlord Action which has avoided further rent arrears and additional court fees, but I still face being thousands of pounds out of pocket.  I will have to make-over the entire property and replace furniture in order to let it again. I think the tenants should be made to pay.”

Paul Shamplina, Founder of Landlord Action says this is not an uncommon scenario. Tenants can feel aggrieved after being asked to leave. But he adds, “In this case it seems the TV exposure may have made these people more upset”. Even though the house in Bracknell was shown on screen, the tenant was interviewed and the landlord is very shocked at their behaviour.

Shamplina also advised that in these cases landlords have to be careful not to throw good money after bad. The potential outcome of further action has to be weighed up against the costs and time involved. Firstly, is it possible to track down the tenants to recover the rent arrears and if so what is their financial position? Secondly, when you regain possession, what state is the property in and how much will it cost to put right? An inventory is paramount to proving this.”

Landlord Action has a busy rent recovery department for landlords who will act on behalf of Sandra Trivedy in helping her locate her ex tenants for a fixed fee. However Mr Shamplina says “in a case such as this, we must take a view as to whether the landlord really wants to spend money and enforce a money judgement if the tenants do not have a job or any assets. Obtaining a CCJ and trying to get a court order for monthly payments off such tenants is likely to take years to clear. Many landlords wish to do so out of principle but we advise landlords to weigh up their options before going down this route.”

Contact Landlord Action

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Landlords Revenge

Rent arrears on the up again! Buy to Let News, Landlord Action, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News, Tenant Eviction

Rent arrears on the up again!It is believed that last quarter (Q1, 2013) severe rent arrears, which constitutes those more than two months behind on rent, rose by 4,000 to 94,000, the fourth highest figure on record (figures from LSL property services).

The highest level ever was only recorded in the second half of last year. Continue reading Rent arrears on the up again!

Letting to Family Member Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Letting to Family MemberI would really value some advice about letting to a family member please.

I have recently retired and purchased a “retirement home” for my wife and myself.

My intention is to let my current property to my daughter and I have consequently contacted my mortgage provider (Woolwich – Barclays) for permission to do this. Reading the application form that I received from them suggests that consent will not be given as my daughter is currently in receipt of Housing Benefit (£970 / month). Continue reading Letting to Family Member

The impact of bedroom tax and housing benefit reforms Landlord Action, Latest Articles

The impact of bedroom tax and housing benefit reformsThe impact of the bedroom tax and reforms to housing benefit – has this led to more impoverished renters?

One of the greatest concerns for tenants with the reforms is being able to manage their finances from a weekly to monthly basis and having to deal with taking one, in many cases reduced, payment in place of the various benefits and tax-credits previously available. Continue reading The impact of bedroom tax and housing benefit reforms

Who is responsible for the Tenants rubbish? Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Who is responsible for the Tenants rubbishI have a Housing Benefit tenant who bags up her domestic rubbish and then throws it into the back yard of the property to join the old three piece suite in there as well.

Despite my numerous requests to desist this behaviour she persists in doing this. Continue reading Who is responsible for the Tenants rubbish?

Michael Carolan of Huddersfield GOOD Landlords Campaign Sponsors

The GOOD Landlords CampaignMichael Carolan of Huddersfield

I have been a landlord for 14 years, and my portfolio consists of one 4 bed house, four 3 bed houses and five 2 bed houses situated in the Halifax & Huddersfield areas. I also have a 5 bed holiday let in the west of Ireland in a semi rural setting, with 3 separate living areas including a playroom, set on a large plot surrounded by fields and working farms.

I would still happily live in all of my properties and I think that is the key to my success so far. If you show someone round a property and feel you would-not bring your own family to this property then its time to upgrade the property or forget being a landlord.

I have a mixed bag of tenants from families to single people, some on housing benefit others working or retired. Applications and references must be checked in all cases. I now have a waiting list for upcoming vacancies, should any arise, some tenants have been in for 8 years plus. I am a registered gas & electrical engineer, happy to give any advice or quotes.

Continue reading Michael Carolan of Huddersfield

Landlord News on the BBC One Show at 7pm Tonight Buy to Let News, Landlord Action, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

LANDLORD NEWS – private landlord speaks out on housing benefit nightmare tonight on BBC’s The One Show 

A landlord from Bracknell, Berkshire, has spoken out about her nightmare ordeal after her housing benefit tenant failed to pass on the payments. This issue has been widely reported and discussed within the buy-to-let industry but now a landlord has come out publicly to talk about it. The non-payments left Mrs Trivedy and her self-employed partner in an extremely difficult financial position. As a result of the welfare reforms and implementation of Universal Credit thousands of ordinary landlords fear that they will see more of this kind of problem. It is expected to affect the whole country and BBC1 are covering the issue on The One Show tonight, Thursday 2nd May at 7pm. They will feature Mrs Trivedy and Landlord Action, the problem tenant specialists, who she went to for help.

After meeting her current partner, Mrs Trivedy decided to sell her four bedroom house in Bracknell from a previous relationship so that they could buy somewhere together. After failing to sell the property quickly enough, she took the decision to let it out, which for three and half years provided the perfect solution. When her previous tenants moved out and an acquaintance from her daughter’s school, with five children of her own, expressed an interest in the property, it seemed like the perfect solution. The prospective tenants explained that they had fallen on tough times but that the £1,200 housing benefit they were due to start receiving would cover the rent. They agreed to set up a direct debit straight to Mrs Trivedy’s account.

From the moment the family moved in (December 2011), the payments were not consistent and with the housing benefit being paid in arrears every two weeks, there was already a shortfall of £20 per month which the tenants were supposed to make up. Four months ago, the payments stopped altogether. On communication with the tenants, Mrs Trivedy was told to liaise with the local housing allowance office, to no avail. After attempting to speak to the tenants at the property to discuss the issues and try to work out a payment schedule, the tenants called the police to file a harassment case. Mrs Trivedy has since received abusive text messages from the tenants via her mobile phone.  In desperation, Mrs Trivedy called on the help of Landlord Action who have since issued a Section 8 possession notice, the process of which was filmed by The One Show.

Landlord News on the BBC One Show at 7pm TonightMrs Trivedy says “The tenants are now approximately £4,400 in arrears and that sum is mounting all the time. As a result, we are struggling to pay the mortgage on the house. My partner is self-employed so income is irregular and despite taking as much overtime at work as I can, we are living off next to nothing just to get by. What’s more, the house is a complete wreck after the tenants brought dogs into the property which subsequently had puppies. It will cost us thousands to get it back to a liveable state.”

Paul Shamplina, Founder of Landlord Action, says “The majority of social tenants do pass on housing benefit, but the cuts made in the welfare reforms are going to put many under increased financial pressure. Our experience in dealing with cases such as this is that most tenants would prefer to have their payments made directly to the landlord so that they can budget more effectively. Not enough has been done to protect landlords. Over the last few years we have seen a rise in these problems and  now with the new Universal Tax Credits monthly payments, our concern is that more and more landlords will see problems and many will turn their back on the social sector.”

More advice on evicting tenants HERE

Universal Credit will be paid direct to landlords but …. Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

Universal Credit will be paid direct to landlords but ....The Residential Landlords Associated revealed yesterday the housing benefit element of Universal Credit may well be paid directly to landlords after all. However, a lot of questions remain unanswered.

According to the RLA “automatic direct payments to landlords will now be allowed in the pathfinder areas. The policy change was tucked away on the last page of an obscure circular published by the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) yesterday.” Continue reading Universal Credit will be paid direct to landlords but ….

Should I start eviction process? Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News, Tenant Eviction, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Should I start eviction processI have a lady tenant in one of my flats who has been there for many years, up to now a model tenant. Over the winter she became ill and had to quit her job. She has tried to get housing benefit and I believe that eventually the local authority will meet its obligation.

The problem is that I have had no rent for five months now whilst the housing office procrastinates. Financially I cannot go without this income any longer being owed about three thousand pounds by now. My letting agents with the tenants permission have chased the council to no avail. I am reluctant to start eviction proceedings but am beginning to think this may be the only way forward. Continue reading Should I start eviction process?

Disability Access Question for Residential Landlords Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Disablity Access Question for LandlordsMy letting agent has found a tenant for us, a mother who is a carer for her disabled child.

They have been living in a council flat, now they need a house.

She is receiving housing benefit.

My question is would I be legally responsible should there be any adaptations required to be made to the house.



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