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Landlords Warnings – Will You Survive the Mayhem? Latest Articles

Have you read the book recently published by Mary Latham yet?Mary Latham

I’ve been talking to Mary about some of the topics in it this week and O – M – G this is going to ruffle feathers!!!

This is certainly not your bog standard “how to buy to let” book by all accounts, but if you know Mary you’d never expect that of her either. If that lady has a bee in her bonnet best stand well back I can tell you.

I have to confess to not having read the book yet as I’ve been off on tour around Eastern Europe but I will be getting hold of a copy very soon as it’s been getting some amazing reviews.

I could have done with having this book with me whilst flying to Russia or the Czech Republic over the last few weeks. We all know how boring flights can be don’t we? I’ve also heard that reading this book is a great way to avoid getting DVT as it will get your heart pumping LOL.  As there are just 147 pages of content is just about right to read on a flight, a long journey or if you are off to a nice beach this year ….

Based on the reviews I’ve already read I am looking forward to getting stuck in yet slightly pensive at the same time. When an ordinarily optimistic landlord like Mary Latham, who has with 40+ years experience in being a landlord, says she see’s the storm clouds gathering and explains why we should ALL take notice.

The book is available as a paperback for £4.64 including delivery and just £1.36 if you are happy to read it on Kindle or the Kindle App for iPad. Either way, click here to order your copy.

Reviews posted on Amazon.co.uk

5.0 out of 5 stars An essential read for those wanting a balanced view of the property market in the UK,
A detailed thoroughly researched book from an experienced landlord.

This book although in some parts quite technical covers the parts that all the get rich quick schemes manage to miss out. The questions that they ask you to save to the end of their presentations and never manage to answer and the risks that many will look into – when they come to it.

Mary covers the latest legislation, the impact of austerity measures, the banking crisis and the topics that would be almost unbelievable if it were not true! (Landlords being charged thousands to dispose of their tenants rubbish bins and recycling) to the impact of Universal Credit on Landlords and those that are unfortunate enough to have to claim benefits.

Some say the combination of these factors will create the perfect storm and others a tornado that will impact our lives significantly. Whatever boat you’re in this book is essential reading to ensure you understand the facts and then put countermeasures in place to ensure you are not a victim of this crisis. Written by a true expert and recognised as such by the National Landlords Association and Homestamp – ignore this perspective from a full time landlord at your peril.

5.0 out of 5 stars A well worth read!

As an established landlord I was unsure whether the book would be worthwhile to me. How wrong could I be!!! I benefited from an insight into a seriously experienced property guru who briefed the reader in a clear and coherent way of real life experiences, past and present legislation as well as money saving tips and references for landlords. The money I have already saved by following just a one of her expert tips has already compensated for the cost of the book twenty fold. Unlike a text book, the author writes in a light hearted way but with an underlying seriousness. I would unreservedly recommend this book to any landlord whether they are a novice just starting out or a well established agent/landlord.

Lots more equally positive reviews here.

When you have read the book yourself please do me a favour and post a review in the comments section below as well as on Amazon.

PLEASE buy this book (and READ IT!), if for no other reason than to help me say thank you to Mary for posting over 600 helpful comments on this website alone!  We are talking about less than a fiver people – COME ON!

This is the link to Amazon to BUY THE BOOK

PS – best to do it now whilst you remember.

Mary Latham

Negotiating with estate agents Latest Articles, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Negotiating with estate agentsOver the last few days a newbie property investor called Craig has been picking the brains of myself and Mary Latham by email. Yesterday we got talking about negotiating with estate agents and the advice we shared with Craig is well worth sharing here so that others can benefit from it too in my opinion. Between us, Mary and I have 64 years of experience in buying property as an investment. This number will grow massively as others share their opinions and as more questions and answers are added to this thread.

Negotiating with estate agents

Having viewed properties which match your requirements in terms of attracting the right tenants – a good agent will always call to you to ask for feedback. When they do, tell the agent that you really liked the property and would love to buy it but you think it’s priced too high for you to want to make an offer. Continue reading Negotiating with estate agents

Guru crash! UK property scams discussed Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Landlord News, Landlords Stories, Latest Articles, Personal Development & Motivation, Property Investment News, Property News

UK Property ScamsWhen it comes to deciding where & how to invest, one of the most vital things a novice investor can do is to become an expert on due diligence and research … not just of potential property deals, but also of people and companies offering portfolio building services, joint ventures, mentoring and deal sourcing.

The property investment world has a seedy & un-regulated under-belly patrolled by wealth creation gurus.   Many novice investors fall prey to their charms and promises of easy riches. Continue reading Guru crash! UK property scams discussed

How might a Buy To Let Property Benefit You In Retirement? Buy to Let News, Guest Articles, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

By guest author Taj Kang- an Associate Director at specialist contractor mortgage broker

Anyone in their early fifties is going to have to face working longer and for women that means another six years after 60. Therefore if, for example, you are 52 state pension won’t arrive until 2026, seemingly a lifetime away.

We are all thinking about pensions and retirement so much more than previously and people might even be suggesting a buy to let property might act as an alternative pension provision. Certainly it appears we can no longer rely solely on traditional solutions for our old age. Continue reading How might a Buy To Let Property Benefit You In Retirement?

Introducing the “Property Maverick” Guest Articles, Guest Columns

Welcome to the “Property Maverick” Blog; a fortnightly blog about the life and times of a property entrepreneur.

Am I successful? Well success means different things to different people, so I’ll tell you a bit about myself. Not as a trumpet blowing exercise, but for you to decide whether to read my articles. Despite leaving high school more years ago that I care to remember, without any O level’s. I currently own over 80 properties averaging at less than 70% loan to value, as well as having completed several overseas property developments. Continue reading Introducing the “Property Maverick”

Review of Buy To Let Investors Workshop by Landlord Action Latest Articles

Mark Alexander, founder of Property118.com

Mark Alexander founder of Property118.com

Yesterday (Friday 2nd September 2011) I attended a buy to let investors workshop at the Holiday Inn Kensington, London which was organised by Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action.

I had been invited as a special guest of Paul Shamplina, the founder of Landlord Action to review the event and provide constructive feedback. Landlord Action is a legal practice specialising in tenant evictions and litigation on behalf of landlords.  Continue reading Review of Buy To Let Investors Workshop by Landlord Action

Buy to Let Clubs Blamed for Ripping Off Landlords Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property Market News

Notes being squeezed into coins

"Buy to let clubs are nindering not helping"

Buy to let property clubs that rip off landlords are blamed for rising rental home repossessions.

The clubs ran relentless marketing campaigns during the peak of the housing bubble aimed at persuading property investors to part with their cash on homes advertising rent returns and valuations that were close to fraudulent.

Since the credit crunch, many landlords who bought in to these clubs are finding rental yields were inflated and that the income is short of covering the mortgage and running costs. Continue reading Buy to Let Clubs Blamed for Ripping Off Landlords

How property crooks cheat landlords out of cash Latest Articles, Property Market News

twenty pound notes spread outFraud investigators are warning landlords to watch out for crooks trying to cheat them out of cash.

The overseas gangs are targeting buy to let and holiday let landlords with variations of a common fee scam.

The fraudsters will contact landlords to make a corporate booking – often for a charity or religious organisation. Continue reading How property crooks cheat landlords out of cash

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