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On demand recording of the April 2020 Baker Street Property Meet Latest Articles, Property Investment Strategies

Over 1,100 landlords watched the April 2020 Baker Street Property Meet event LIVE on YouTube.

The content must have been engaging because the audience levels were maintained for nearly two hours. The live comment feeds also support that.

I must correct myself on two silly mistakes I made. The first is that HMRC’s internal manuals actually contain circa 12 million words, not 12 thousand. The second was reading the YouTube comments on my phone whilst the other presenters were live. I didn’t realise the audience could still see me at that point and because I was looking down at my phone, some people commented that it looked like I had nodded off out boredom. I promise, nothing could be further from the truth. I learned so much from the event and I definitely recommend you to watch it if you haven’t already. You deserve a break from Netflix!

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