September 1st is the Biggest day for Landlords Insurance Renewal

September 1st is the Biggest day for Landlords Insurance Renewal

10:32 AM, 5th August 2013, About 8 years ago

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September 1st is statistically the biggest day in the calendar for Landlords Insurance Renewal.

I am fairly certain it doesn’t mean more properties have completed on this day than any other, but it does seem to be a popular renewal date for block policies of more than one property.

Several years ago my business partners and I were approached by an insurance broker who told us we could save a lot of money by combining our landlords insurance policies into a block policy.
This was the beginning of our landlords buying group.

At that time we were in the business of arranging mortgages so we told our landlord clients how much money we we saving. They combined their landlords insurance policies with our block policy and so the scheme started to grow.

The bigger our landlords buying group became the more negotiating power we gained.

As time went by the word spread and before long hundreds of landlords had joined the group. We have switched insurance providers a few times when we have found better deals and we continue to shop around. To fund the administration we take a very small commission from the scheme provider. Some landlords have reported saving as much as 50% on their renewal premiums at the point of switching from their insurance provider to the current provider to our landlords buying group.

It’s fair to say that not everybody joining our landlords buying group can save money as some insurance risks are not compatible with the scheme provider. However, it costs nothing to join our landlords buying group and nothing to get a quote, hence you have nothing to lose.

By the time your Landlords insurance renewal falls due you may well have forgotten about this article. Therefore, if you put your contact details into the form below we will make sure you are contacted by our landlords insurance scheme administrator a week or so before your next policy is due for renewal. If you don’t give it a try you will never know how much you might be able to save so you might as well complete the form now, it should take less time than it took you to read this article 🙂

Landlords Buying Group Insurance Renewal

September 1st Landlords Insurance Renewal

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