RLA survey indicates 25.5% of landlords are looking to sell property

RLA survey indicates 25.5% of landlords are looking to sell property

12:15 PM, 2nd May 2019, About 4 years ago 1

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The RLA have released their survey of 2500 landlords in their ‘State of the Private Rented Sector’ report quarter 4 2018. Click here to download the full report.

The survey questioned landlords on their portfolio plans over the next twelve months and although 15.2% of respondents said they were looking to purchase more property 25.5% said they were intending to sell one or more of their rental homes. This is despite 23% of landlords finding greater demand from tenants.

70% of landlords did not expand or contract their portfolios over the last year with only 60% looking to hold their hand in the coming 12 months.

David Smith, Policy Director for the Residential Landlords Association said: “All the talk of longer tenancies will mean nothing if the homes to rent on not there in the first place.

“The Government’s tax increases on the sector are already making it difficult for tenants to find a place to live, with many landlords not renewing tenancies. If rushed and not thought through, planned changes to the way landlords can repossess properties risk making the situation even worse.

“Action is needed to stimulate supply with pro-growth taxation and a process for repossessing homes that is fair to all.”



10:21 AM, 3rd May 2019, About 4 years ago

Well I think landlord are getting the message from government that we are not wanted. I would have sold all my properties by now if there were any buyers around. As soon as the market changes I will be out.
Used to enjoy fixing up properties to provide clean warm accommodation for the transient young professional market in London. People who are either unable to buy or do not want to as they are just starting out on their careers. This segment of the market is not interested in 3 year tenancies, they are looking for 6-12 months. They are also very picky and there is still a lot of choice available. So with all the legislation dumped on landlords over recent years and all the negative media reports who wants to be in this sector only to be violated and abused and treated as a cashcow by everyone.

Who is going to house students/ young professionals/ couples starting out in life etc if landlords leave the sector? Councils only seem interested in the social sector and cannot even provide enough accommodation for the amount of demand. It is a mystery to me why council tenants should have a tenure for life at a taxpayer subsidised rent when their circumstances may change and they actually get a good job and do not need subsidised accommodation any more. Should there not be a review after say 5 years? So this accommodation can be freed up for other families that may need it more? Political hot potato of course so nobody is going to want to do this.

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